Indulge Your Inner Ice Oval Racer

Ice oval racing may seem out of reach for most racing fans, but the WSA Xtreme Ice wants to get everyone on the oval.

No, it won’t mean investing in expensive equipment — but it may mean making a spectacle of yourself. Bar Stool racing will now be a part of the show.

Open racing will begin on Friday nights, with the general public invited to sign waivers and hop on one of the modified karts for a trip around the oval ring.

On Saturdays, heat races will commence, with finals slated for Sundays.

The karts, made by Rocket Barstool, use a 6 hp Tecumseh engine, a 1.25-inch live racing axle with a disc brake and a 26-inch retro-looking bar stool.

And if the idea of a rental bar stool is just to communal, racers will be allowed to purchase and race their own machines.

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