30 Year Flashbacks: Duluth Snocross Images From 1994

The 2023-24 snowmobile snocross season wraps up this coming weekend in Duluth, Minnesota. There will be three rounds of exciting racing action. New season champions will be crowned in the Pro and Pro Lite classes.

The fact that the race weekend is back in Duluth, Minnesota – the place with ski-hill style snocross racing really got rolling? That’s icing on the cake!

It all got us in a nostalgic mood, so we thought we’d share some 30-year-old images we stumbled across.

Below are eight photos we shot during practice before the 1994 Duluth Snocross, which kicked off the 1994-95 season on the MRP World Series circuit. Enjoy.

Brad Pake
Brad Pake was becoming one of the sport’s top racers in that era.
Paul Heinen
Folks now may know Paul Heinen as the owner of a powerhouse dealership in Osseo, Minnesota. In 1994? A punk kid chasing checkered flags! `
Scandinavian Duluth racer
With his butt firmly planted in the seat, one might think this is a North American native. But the Lynx race pants tell another story. C’mon trivia buffs, which Scandinavian racer are we looking at here?!
Rob Irving
It’s a little known fact, but due to the multi-tone, satin-finish on his jacket and similarly over-the-top busy pants, Rob Irving spontaneously combusted on the lap after this photo was taken and was never heard from again!
MX Gear at Duluth
The MX gear and chest protector hint that it may have been a warm afternoon in Duluth that year.
Aaron Scheele
The Iceman Aaron Scheele was able to wear the No. 1 plate that year at Duluth. It was due to his prowess in ice lemans racing the previous winter on the host MRP race circuit.
Duluth Snocross Ski-Doo
Look at the size of the front tub on those F Chassis Ski-Doos. Guys who won on those tanks should get extra credit in the snowmobile history books!
Dan Sturgeon
The “other” Sturgeon (Dan) was going past our shooter so fast that he could hardly be kept in the frame!

2 thoughts on “30 Year Flashbacks: Duluth Snocross Images From 1994

  • Avatar for Smyles

    Those were the days,Polaris actually made a sled that ran and didn’t need a “Do Not Ride/ Stop Ride. My father inlaw was a Polaris dealer years ago and I remember riding the old COLTS, you could put those things through anything and they would still run unlike Polaris today that has SO many issues they really need to stop concentrating on being first with new tech and how about not having recalls better reliability issues,the other thing I’m confused about is polaris owns WER so then why did they go with FOX for the new electronic shocks, makes no sense, would be like going to your competitors at SKIDOO for motors and we all know what’s going to happen to Yamaha next year UNFORTUNATELY but Arctic Cat builds a great sled and at the rate Polaris is going I’m seriously looking elsewhere.

  • Avatar for Viking

    Great year for sleds especially Polaris with XLTs and XCRs. Great long lasting durable performance sleds that were affordable and dependable and cheap parts as so many were interchangeable. They were the leader in the industry for several decades because of this.


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