About Us

Snow Goer magazine is a snowmobile publication written by, and for, passionate snowmobile riders. Since the first issue hit newsstands in 1966, Snow Goer has been dedicated to comprehensive sled tests, aftermarket product evaluations, informative how-to stories, interesting travel features on places to ride and delivering a unique window into the world of the snowmobiling lifestyle. Read more about some key members of the Snow Goer team below. The read about the colorful and long history of the magazine, click here

John Prusak | Editor/Publisher

John Prusak

John is the longtime editor and publisher of Snow Goer magazine and snowgosite.com. He started with Snow Goer way back in the fall of 1993, when the Indy XLT revolution was starting and ZRs were taking over racetracks. John has also been the editor and/or publisher for several other magazines for Snow Goer’s parent company, including Snow Week, Snowmobile Magazine, Snowmobile Business, Powersports Business, Boating Industry, ATV Magazine, ATV Sport, UTV Magazine, Fuel Oil News and, very briefly, Trailer Life magazine. But, at the end of the day, snowmobiling is his true passion, and he has now participated in his 28th Rode Reports event, testing sleds for Snow Goer. In 2020, he was inducted into the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame.

David Wells | Contributing Writer

David Wells

David has been writing about snowmobiles for more than 40 years, but you won’t find anybody on our team calling him old – we wouldn’t dare! A proud native of the New York, area, where he still lives, David is a member of the extended Snow Goer team, but a vitally important member nonetheless. In the magazine, David writes all of the “Flashback” articles about vintage snowmobiles, plus some aftermarket product testing, tour stories and other interesting features. He’s also been involved in the sport in many different ways — from sales and marketing to grass roots leadership. In fact, in September of 2015 Wells was inducted into the International Snowmobile Hall Of Fame.

Other key contributors to Snow Goer magazine include:

Wayne Davis — Our dedicated photographer for more than 30 years and a member of the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame himself. His Wayne Davis Photography business is iconic in the snowmobile industry.

Wayne Davis

T.J. Krob, the leader of our mountain sled testing, author of Snowmobile Science and evaluator of western-focused products. He was first introduced to our staff (and our readers) as a teenager who joined us at the Rode Reports testing event, back when we had a teen guest rider program. He has since grown up, gone to college, earned an engineering degree and got a job in the industry.

T.J. Krob

Jeff Oberg, a long-time test rider, technical advisor, contributor and friend whose many contributions to the magazine rarely carry a byline but are instrumental.

Jeff Oberg

Mark Rosacker, our veteran national account director and veteran of more than 25 years on the EPG Brand Acceleration team who is a hardcore snowmobiler himself. His efforts make it possible for us to continue to snowmobile for a living, while also helping companies who want to reach snowmobilers market their products, locations and services. 

Mark Rosacker

Laura Keisler, an independent sales representative who works from her home in western Wisconsin, she works with select aftermarket companies and the tourism segment. 

Nici Lawson is the digital solutions manager in charge of our website.

Andrew Johnstad, James Johnstad, Jennifer Johnstad and Tim Maki are former racers turned riding photo models and, in some cases, product evaluators for Snow Goer