Video Brief: Goodbye To Yamaha’s Sidewinder SRX LE

We took a trailside break at the recent Rode Reports testing event to say goodbye to a longtime friend: The Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE snowmobile.

Actually, we were saying goodback to all Yamaha snowmobiles and all of the glorious SRX models through time in the process. Yamaha announced in June of 2023 that its 2025 model lineup would be its last in the snowmobile market. After building a wonderful throwback graphics package for its Sidewinder for model year 2024, hopes were high for something even more dynamic for 2025.

Frankly, that didn’t happen. Instead, the brand added one new feature to its SRX, returned it to a brilliant blue and white combo and announced that only 998 of them were going to be built. That number matches the displacement 998cc turbocharged triple that powers this fun sled to incredible speeds. The roomy and stable SRV chassis, electric assist power steering, a heated seat and more return to their high-output and thoroughly entertaining machine. Join us in the video below as we take one last walk-around on this memorable model.

2 thoughts on “Video Brief: Goodbye To Yamaha’s Sidewinder SRX LE

  • Avatar for Viking

    Great sled.

    Too bad only 998 in 2025. Too bad no great retro graphics package like last few years for SRX. Need the blue and orange SRX.

    • Avatar for Antoine Janssen

      Too bad Yamaha lost it’s way. They made some great sleds, 2 stroke and 4 Stroke


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