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Snowmobile Racing Challenge


Welcome to Snow Goer magazine’s fantasy Snowmobile Racing
Challenge game, where snowmobilers and snowmobile racing fans gain points
and can win prizes based on predicting the finishing order in select
snowmobile races. It’s easy, fun and free.

The Rules:

The Snow Goer Snowmobile Racing Challenge game is back for the 2018-19 racing season. The game will again have several different rounds of competition, based on Snocross and Ovals events. Separate points will be kept in each form of racing, and there will be a champion for each – play one, or play both!

For each race, players will select the top six finishing order, based on a pull-down window that lists the names of the racers who are expected to compete in the chosen race. Players will select a winner as well as each of the next five finishing positions.

If a player correctly selects the position of a racer (whether correctly selecting a given racer to finish first, third or sixth, for example) he or she will gain 20 points for that selection. If a racer finishes close to the predicted finishing position, the player will earn a varying amount of points based on this formula:

  • Driver in correct position = 20 points
  • Driver finishes 1 position off of the prediction = 15 points
  • Driver finishes 2 positions off = 14 points
  • Driver finishes 3 positions off = 13 points
  • Driver finishes 4 positions off = 12 points
  • Driver finishes 5 positions off = 11 points
  • Driver finishes 6 or more positions off = 0 points

Players only receive points for racers who finish in the Top 6 at the event, and once a player’s picks for a given round are made, they are final; the player cannot go back in and change them.


Snow Goer will recognize weekly winners as well as season champions for snocross and ovals. There may be occasional prize packages available during the season, depending on program sponsorship.

 Race Schedule:

Here are the planned races. For oval races, predictions and points will be calculated based on the Pro Champ 440 class. In snocross, it will be Pro.


  • Nov. 25, Duluth, Minnesota
  • Dec. 8, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • Jan. 5, Shakopee, Minnesota
  • Jan. 26, Deadwood, South Dakota
  • Feb. 2, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
  • Feb. 23, Salamanca, New York
  • March 9, Dubuque, Iowa
  • March 16, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin


  • Jan. 6, Ionwood, Michigan
  • Jan. 18, Eagle River, Wisconsin
  • Jan. 27, Wausau, Wisconsin
  • Feb. 17, Ironwood, Michigan
  • Feb. 24, Wausau, Wisconsin
  • March 10, Eagle River, Wisconsin

PLEASE NOTE: When you sign up each week to make your predictions,
always make sure to use the same sign-in name and email address so
your points can be added to your season total.


Entry for Fantasy Snocross Racing Challenge
No races available in this championship.
Position 1
Position 2
Position 3
Position 4
Position 5
Position 6

Ovals Challenge – Click Here



This year’s standings:

Fantasy Snocross Racing Challenge

Bob Dockham1 8445705457758056521
Perry Samagalski2 6548693960787584518
swanson3263 847978557578056505
Dan De Zorzi4 5754715759548269503
Lebowski5 7046824660656361493
Russell Miller6 7269663356537964492
paul kahtava7 5453714861558165488
Shannon Harris8 7054723566755656484
ZRXF9 6174574457498241465
jason lee9 6959644660526649465
John Prusak11 7444823042557257456
Chad Harter12 8062632958626126441
Kaitlyn Harter12 7256754571454928441
Buckshot14 6529436175405248413
Sr.14 7246604764285343413
Snowmobilingpodcast16 62086566007272408
Dick Turnbull17 535603560597367403
Gordon Avann18 050564443598465401
Joe J19 5642612846476455399
Stormin20 4141635054444145379
Todd Clark21 04335437454900339
Eric Swenson22 00404972298660336
gordiesean23 7749730575500311
Bonnstetter46824 846559480000256
Ray850etec25 064754262000243
Tom Luoma26 07873560000207
Mitch Singleton27 82575900000198
Tess Hibbert28 68496300000180
Arlus Hibbert29 48695700000174
8630 68058350000161
RET85031 00544362000159
Billy white32 06248340000144
Kenzie33 6248000000110
TRT60034 000435600099
Perry Samagalski135 00000083083
Kourtygirl36 06500000065
Shkev37 003430000064
Austin Leeck38 00620000062
Bob Menne39 61000000061
86 oval40 05400000054
Gordisean40 00054000054
Juj Task42 00460000046
Arctic Cat43 43000000043
Eddie Xander44 41000000041
MM Farmer45 00300000030
Jason Tompkins46 00020000020




Last year’s results: 

Fantasy Snocross Racing Challenge

Russell Miller1 83806264110746557595
John Prusak2 71756511075597459588
Kaitlyn Harter3 67706470821007442569
Swanson3264 8066659563797543566
Tom B5 49687910050895467556
Mitch Singleton6 7260646973755450517
JoeJ7 6154746970696849514
Jason M Pope8 6968627065686744513
Dan De Zorzi9 8063628062695044510
Kelli M10 6060686257786156502
Sr.11 3467628060696364499
polarisracer12 628048077958254498
Gordon Avann13 8034775980614853492
Chad Harter14 4950629660736928487
Shannon Harris15 837565078508047478
gordiesean16 837559757306150476
ZRXF17 747485640694960475
billy white18 82897568946500473
Derek19 5555677070693450470
Bob Dockham20 697572073646742462
Bonnstetter46821 705576707069480458
snowmobileingpodcast22 055619583625344453
jason lee23 4768815559544029433
Stormin24 635560060574467406
Kenzie25 64556663089600397
Ray850etec26 59380886475540378
Tyson Gunter27 61606170064600376
Todd Clark28 49488080500530360
sabol29 00504978646154356
Arlus Hibbert30 48606270704000350
Buckshot31 4755068630630296
dickfor32 747066630000273
8633 694462073000248
Snopro2134 625062640000238
Cameron hibbert35 485501040000207
Tom Luoma36 0007084000154
Jon Eaton37 46505600000152
Mark Sauder38 42643900000145
Bob Menne39 7459000000133
Anthony Sleck40 425400000096
Sxr75241 454900000094
JLein15742 573000000087
RET43 025000590084
Middle Man44 79000000079
MiddleMan44 79000000079
per-olov.lundberg46 73000000073
Josh Reynolds47 72000000072
JReynolds47 72000000072
Bonnstetter 46849 70000000070
snowmobilepodcast49 70000000070
Wyatt Case49 00000070070
Mitch SingletonNo52 00069000069
Tyson53 66000000066
Bradd54 65000000065
Cody Spencer54 65000000065
Austin Bonnstetter54 65000000065
ZRFX54 00006500065
Jeff Deshaw58 64000000064
Chris Zablotney59 62000000062
Ray59 00006200062
DIRK T DEVRIES59 00000006262
Royce62 61000000061
Eric McClenaghan63 60000000060
Skib0b63 60000000060
SnowmobilingPodcast65 59000000059
Stephenson10266 58000000058
jim ulakovic-9667 56000000056
Xavier Terrien67 56000000056
Xavier67 56000000056
Leonard wiedemeier67 56000000056
Perry Samagalski71 55000000055
Pssam71 55000000055
Taylar Lightfoot71 55000000055
Ken74 54000000054
Kroncke75 50000000050
MOTORHEAD75 05000000050
APEX77775 05000000050
N.A.L.75 05000000050
NICK L75 05000000050
86 oval75 00050000050
Dirk DeVries75 00000050050
jim ulakovic82 49000000049
Jordan82 49000000049
Jordan schovain82 49000000049
Jeff Kennedy85 47000000047
Wood9986 43000000043
Mike Sainato86 04300000043
Eric Gleich88 42000000042
Eric88 42000000042
Anthony88 42000000042
Ray T88 42000000042
Ret850etec88 00420000042
Bill Kroncke93 40000000040
Ray 850 etec94 03800000038
Jason95 34000000034
Jason Sparwood95 34000000034
LisaMK95 34000000034
Lisak95 34000000034
Kurt Heiser95 34000000034
Kurt Heser100 28000000028
Kurtheiser108100 28000000028



  1. Does anyone know if the Warsaw Oval races
    will be live stream today?

  2. Why can’t a player change his picks up to a few minutes before the race starts especially when someone falls out because of an injury

    • Waiting for a response to my question

      • The long and short answer, Raymond, is “we don’t know!!” We utilizing a third-party app (or “plug-in”) that works with our WordPress-based website and have to adapt that plug-in to our little (but wonderful) snowmobile racing world. We’ve looked, and there aren’t other plug-ins that we could find that could work with our website and be adaptable enough for our sports (sled racing in various forms). So, bottom line, we’re trapped with the quirks of the app that we use. And one of those quirks is that once somebody’s picks are locked in, they’re locked in. It’s an imperfect system, but hopefully you and others who play find some enjoyment in participating in the snowmobile racing challenge games as they are set up.

        • I tried to play the Salmanca New York Race and was cut out @ noon on Saturday. When is the cut off time and day to make a pic, my attempt was 8 hours before the Pro final Race, this the second race of 8 races I got cut out this year☹️ Unfortunately I had to spend the whole morning in the hospital .

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