Soo I-500 Fans: Join The Super Sled/Snow Goer Fantasy Game

The historic Soo I-500 snowmobile enduro race is fast approaching. And this week, we’ve been glued to our “second screen” and the FloRacing app catching glimpses of practice laps and qualifying runs from the famed one-mile oval in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.

On Saturday, February 3, the sport’s ironmen will take to the track for a gruelling 500-lap run at history. It’s always a super-challenging event, with major strategy moves, changing track conditions, pit stops, driver changes and a lot more that occurs over more than 7 straight hours of competition.

This year? It’s bound to be double that, thanks to the “interesting” position that Mother Nature has put track builders in.

Interest in snowmobile enduro racing is peaking, for various reasons, and there’s all sorts of hype around this year’s event. With that, Snow Goer have partnered with our great friend Chris Riley from Super Sled Online to create a Fantasy Snowmobile Racing Challenge game around this year’s Soo I-500.

To play, simply predict the finishing order of six teams and then gain points for what actually happens. It’s easy, free and fun, and all for bragging rights. But it makes watching or following the race a lot more fun and let’s you show off your skills and knowledge. Spread the word to your friends. It’s more fun when more people play. See more rules below.

We know enduro racing can be challenging for some folks to understand due to team names, co-drivers and such. To help, we’ve pasted the Soo I-500 registration lists and the qualifying through round two below the prediction box.

Results will be posted within this same story after the event, so bookmark or otherwise save this page.

Good luck.

SPECIAL NOTICE: The following sleds are listed as choices, but should not be chosen because they won’t be in the race, according to the official field released by Soo I-500 officials: Bunke Racing #14, Ritchee Racing #22, Countryside Motorsports 28x, R.C.I. Racing #61, Brownlee Boys Racing #78, A.S.B. Racing #56 and Nelson Racing #25. Because some people already made picks, we cannot remove them from the pull-down windows.

The Soo I-500 Fantasy Game Rules

Players will predict the top 6 finishing order, utilizing pull-down windows that lists the names of the race teams that originally signed up to compete in the Soo this year.

If a player correctly selects the position of a racer/team (whether correctly selecting a given racer to finish first, third or fifth, for example) he or she will gain 20 points for that selection. If a racer finishes close to the predicted finishing position, the player will earn a varying amount of points based on this formula:

  • Driver in correct position = 20 points
  • Driver finishes 1 position off of the prediction = 15 points
  • Driver finishes 2 positions off = 14 points
  • Driver finishes 3 positions off = 13 points
  • Driver finishes 4 positions off = 12 points
  • Driver finishes 5 positions off = 11 points
  • Driver finishes 6 or more positions off = 0 points

Players only receive points for racers/race teams who finish in the Top 6, and once a player’s picks for a given round are made, they are final; the player cannot go back in and change them. One entry per person, please.

Super Sled Online/Snow Goer Soo I-500 Fantasy Challenge

Entry for 2024 Soo I-500 Enduro
No races available in this championship.
Position 1
Position 2
Position 3
Position 4
Position 5
Position 6

2024 Soo I-500 Enduro

Mark1 7575
Marcie Fierek2 6767
Dwight berven3 6565
Bob Dockham4 6464
Edwin Wirbel5 6363
Austin5 6363
Mark Suk7 6262
Andrew7 6262
Rick Fowler9 6060
Kenny10 5959
Kenny Brown11 5656
Scott Bunke12 5454
Cody Philippon12 5454
Kevin14 5252
Waylon14 5252
Heather woodard16 5050
Snoxr107x16 5050
Mike Leask16 5050
Lisa Flannery20 4949
Deb20 4949
Garry Blair22 4848
Dallas Dzurka22 4848
Re Wadena22 4848
Jason Gilbert25 4747
Kody Brinks25 4747
Hayden Hoffarth25 4747
JF1625 4747
Chad Colby29 4545
Scott Ballard30 4444
Dan Sharkey31 4343
Mike Livsey31 4343
Jeff moleski31 4343
Ted Ulisse31 4343
Brad McConnell31 4343
Kyle VanSloten36 4242
Ryan Heiting36 4242
Chris Peters36 4242
Jason church39 4141
Ken Allen39 4141
Jeff Vander Sanden39 4141
John Prusak39 4141
Eric Bouman39 4141
Dean O.44 4040
John Kalchik44 4040
J Dog46 3939
Hunter lambert47 3535
Chad Dyrdahl47 3535
Monte Logan49 3434
Sonny Laducer50 3333
Mickey kandal50 3333
Ronnie bennett52 3232
zack carr52 3232
Nathan skog54 3131
Randy Bouman55 3030
Cole Dzurka55 3030
Michael Peterson57 2929
Tom Luoma57 2929
Douglas Etten57 2929
Leeland K57 2929
Steve Brinks61 2828
Paige Menne61 2828
Phil Sawicki63 2727
Doug Olson63 2727
Kyle Goetz63 2727
Matt hough66 2424
Bradey Neitzke67 2020
Troy Peterson67 2020
Robert Menne69 1515
Dan Sayles70 1414
Gary Geiger71 1313
Matthew ritchie71 1313
Jason hodder73 00
Wendy Sayles73 00
Dave Cartwright73 00
Andy73 00

This is how qualifying stood after round two. It is not final.



5 thoughts on “Soo I-500 Fans: Join The Super Sled/Snow Goer Fantasy Game

  • Avatar for Mike Livsey

    Wish the sled brand was also in the listing for Soo qualifying.

  • Avatar for Edward Ulisse

    This is awesome

  • Avatar for John Kalchik

    Is there a way to see the predictions? Once I made my choices I no longer see the list .

    • Avatar for John Prusak

      Look at the qualifying list that is under the place where you make your selections.

  • Avatar for Paul Schmidt

    I just random guessed. Gonna be fun 👍🏼


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