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Snowmobile Racing Challenge: Ovals


Welcome to Snow Goer magazine’s fantasy Snowmobile Racing
Challenge game, where snowmobilers and snowmobile racing fans gain points
and challenge their friends based on predicting the finishing order in select
snowmobile races. It’s easy, fun and free – and you can earn some bragging rights.

The Rules:

The Snow Goer Snowmobile Racing Challenge game is
back for the 2017-18 racing season. The game will again have several different rounds of competition, based on
Snocross and Ovals events. Separate points will be kept in each form of racing, and there will be a
champion for each – play one, or play both!

For each race, players will select the top six finishing order, based on a
pull-down window that lists the names of the racers who are
expected to compete in the chosen race. Players will select a winner as well
as each of the next five finishing positions.

If a player correctly selects the position of a racer (whether correctly
selecting a given racer to finish first, third or sixth, for example) he or
she will gain 20 points for that selection. If a racer finishes close to the
predicted finishing position, the player will earn a varying amount of points
based on this formula:

  • Driver in correct position = 20 points
  • Driver finishes 1 position off of the prediction = 15 points
  • Driver finishes 2 positions off = 14 points
  • Driver finishes 3 positions off = 13 points
  • Driver finishes 4 positions off = 12 points
  • Driver finishes 5 positions off = 11 points
  • Driver finishes 6 or more positions off = 0 points

Players only receive points for racers who finish in the Top 6 at the event,
and once a player’s picks for a given round are made, they are final; the
player cannot go back in and change them.

Snow Goer will recognize weekly winners as well as season champions for ovals and for snocross. There may be occasional prize packages
available during the season, depending on program sponsorship.

PLEASE NOTE: When you sign up each week to make your predictions,
always make sure to use the same sign-in name and email address so
your points can be added to your season total.

Race Schedule:

Here are the planned races. For oval races, predictions and points will be calculated based on the Pro Champ 440 class. In snocross, it will be Pro.

Ovals (tentatively)

  • Jan. 6, Ionwood, Michigan
  • Jan. 19, Eagle River, Wisconsin
  • Jan. 28, Wausau, Wisconsin
  • Feb. 2, Alexandria, Minnesota
  • Feb. 10, Valcourt, Quebec
  • Feb. 16, Luxemburg, Wisconsin
  • Feb. 23, Weyauwega, Wisconsin
  • March 3, Beausejour, Manitoba


  • Nov. 26, Duluth, Minnesota
  • Dec. 9, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • Jan. 6, Shakopee, Minnesota
  • Jan. 20, Deadwood, South Dakota
  • Feb. 17, Salamanca, New York
  • Feb. 24, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
  • March 10, Dubuque, Iowa
  • March 18, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin



Entry for 2018 Snow Goer Oval Challenge
No races available in this championship.
Position 1
Position 2
Position 3
Position 4
Position 5
Position 6

Snocross Challenge – Click Here

2017-18 Results

2018 Snow Goer Oval Challenge

Russell Miller1 4941557468744954464
polarisracer2 6840826248662962457
John Prusak2 4939687067544862457
Dan De Zorzi4 3415967349814554447
tj holeshot5 3428546048714263400
Randy Houle6 430626962703062398
gordiesean7 352806254674164351
Lyle Zabel8 40416165477700331
Todd Clark9 52333704972043286
Jeff Vander Sanden10 4300059674757273
Stormin11 2000460743062232
86 oval12 674300566100227
Buckshot13 35352834410035208
Shannon Harris14 43060530000156
Bob Dockham15 28056700000154
ZRXF16 460050000096
8617 00090000090
Brian Rydeen18 354100000076
S&G Racing19 07500000075
Ray850etec20 004200260068
Ray21 140480000062
Bob22 00053000053
Frédéric Pansini23 04700000047
Tom Luoma24 00460000046
Jeff Dellandrea25 44000000044
jason lee26 028150000043
TJ HOLESHOT27 34000000034
TJS27 34000000034
Tim S27 34000000034
Dale Schwenk27 03400000034
Swanson32631 27000000027
RET32 000000000


2016-17 results below.

2017 Snow Goer Ovals Challenge

DreamWeaver1 0908280007459385
Jim peters2 06810274006079383
Kevin Thune3 0859264005090381
S&G Racing4 0798070006388380
Randy Houle5 0738479004984369
Dean Schwede6 0609084006469367
Jim Molitor6 0767369006485367
Brian Glime8 0757363005968338
Russell Miller9 0638061006565334
Lyle Zabel10 0567559004882320
John Prusak11 058776500094294
Swanson32612 0546368005055290
Davey 18w13 071637700074285
Dan De Zorzi14 070750004477266
gordiesean15 055846300620264
J. Houle16 072765700580263
Jeff Vander Sanden17 08607900640229
Brian Rydeen17 07807000081229
RIFF 8619 00064006979212
Stormin20 034430006468209
Tim S21 05705600093206
Quinn22 08167570000205
Jaryd Sackvie23 06174620000197
polarisracer24 0086800000166
Kevin Hooper25 0827500000157
Perry Samagalski26 04856480000152
Davey18w27 0072000750147
Nick Vancos28 0567800000134
Troy Schmitz29 0000004587132
MIDTOP29 0006300069132
Daulton schoon31 0577000000127
RIFF8631 0577000000127
TN31 0695800000127
Tom luoma34 0610570000118
Buckshot35 04827000280103
LMB SPEEDSHOP36 0550000450100
Todd Clark37 042049000091
TimS38 00900000090
prochamp39 07900000079
Jessie39 07900000079
Chris Peters41 00740000074
Brian King42 07200000072
Bob Dockham43 07000000070
Shannon44 06900000069
J Houle45 00000006464
Jeff MacDonald46 00590000059
Bruce Rosentreter47 05800000058
Jared Houle48 05700000057
Ryan Spencer48 05700000057
Dave50 05500000055
sabol7751 05200000052
Ray 850 etec52 00000043043
henry-lavigne53 04100000041
RET54 00000030030
Richard Schott55 02700000027
zrxf56 00000015015
sxr75257 000000000
Revn57 000000000
Joyce57 000000000
Jake57 000000000
Jason Glime57 000000000
Mike obrien57 000000000
Luke wollenberg57 000000000
Rudy otters57 000000000
Wyatt Case57 000000000
Ray57 000000000
Quinn Wojcik57 000000000
8657 000000000
Brad C57 000000000
Elizabeth57 000000000
Joe j57 000000000
Darcy Rosentreter57 000000000
Mandy57 000000000
Mandy0857 000000000
Ryan Stephenson57 000000000
Ethan beltrand57 000000000
Mike Soucy57 000000000
Cole steuernagel57 000000000
ed lehrke57 000000000
Eric nordin57 000000000
Anthony Pettinelli57 000000000
Perry Samagalski157 000000000


  1. What results are being used for Eagle River race??

  2. http://tlrcup.com/results.cfm Is their site results incorrect?

  3. Hey Dan:

    Our mission is to always focus on the most important race from each weekend — usually the last Pro final. Obviously the Sunday final at Eagle River is most important, in the grand scheme of things, than the Friday night race, even though the Friday night race is a TLR Cup Race (so we can certainly understand any counter arguments, and we should have been more clear in our explanation when we started this thing — for that, I sincerely apologize). That said, we have always historically used the W.C. for this fantasy game on Eagle River weekend — and, frankly, we let people make their predictions well after the Friday night race was run! — so we can’t put the genie back in the bottle. Again, however, I do apologize for any confusion. — John

    • Thanks John …………. Understood. Its just that it is hard to follow at times. Keep up the good and fun work are doing

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