Maybe you’re done your research and know that Scheuring Speed Sports snocross racers generally do well at the Duluth season-opener, or you’re convinced Gunnar Sterne will get his first World Championship in oval sprint racing. Or maybe you’re a more passive race fan – or hardly a fan at all – but like fantasy sports and feel like guessing at relatively random names in an effort to wow your friends and win prizes.

Wherever your fall along the spectrum in snowmobile racing fandom – from super enthusiast to complete novice – the Snow Goer fantasy Snowmobile Racing Challenge game presented by More Freakin’ Power is for you! It combines the fun of fantasy sports with the thrill of motorsports – and it’s free to enter, easy to understand, and fun to play. And, this year presenting sponsor More Freakin’ Power is sharing snowmobile-oriented prizes for winners of individual rounds and for season champions! So, you can try it for a week, jump in or out at any time, or make a run at the whole season.

Here’s How To Play

For each snocross race event, players predict the top six in the finishing order in the final Pro Open final; in oval Pro Champ 440 racing, they pick the top five in order.

Making those selections is easy – they’re made using pull-down windows that include the names of all expected participants at the event, so you don’t even need to be a racing expert to play.

Now, to the scoring: If a fantasy player correctly nails a driver to the position they actually finish, the player will get 20 points for that driver. If, however, the racer finishes one position off of the prediction, the player gets 15 points for that driver, or 14 if they finish two positions off, 13 points if three positions off, etc. Points are only earned for drivers who finish in the top six — so if you predicted a racer to finish sixth and he’s finishes seventh, you get nothing.

At the end of the weekend, points are tallied and the standings are updated. Then players can make their picks for the following event.

And, thanks to the generous sponsorship from More Freakin’ Power – a Wisconsin based mega-retailer at snowmobile shows and on their website of top snowmobile and motocross gear – if you win an individual round you’ll get a $40 gift card. Ties will be settled by a random draw. And, a season points champion will win an even larger prize.

Some Details: We Must Have Rule!

** Only one account is allowed per email address, and please limit yourself to one entry per round per person – if we catch somebody doubling up (or more), we’ll nix all accounts related to that person at our discretion. Remember, this is supposed to be fun, not a game of ballot box stuffing!

** Races in the game are generally the last final in the Pro snocross class (usually Sunday afternoon or Saturday night) or Pro Champ 440 class (most often Sunday) of a race weekend. Times will be posted for when picks are due on the entry page, but picks are generally due the morning of the counted race – several hours before the first heat races for that class.

** Once your picks are made, they are locked – unfortunately, the plug-in software we’re utilizing for the game does now allow players to adjust their picks.

** To count in the season points race, players must sign up with the same email address and same name every week — accounts will not be combined after-the-fact.  

Last season, the Snocross title was claimed by Bob Dockham, who narrowly held off a last-round charge by Perry Samagalski. The Ovals champion last season was S&G Racing, who edged the previous year’s champion Dreamweaver by 22 points. 

Go ahead and sign up now — again, it’s easy, free and fun. To get a preview of the racers who will be competing at the season-opening snocross race in Duluth, click here. The Ovals challenge will begin in early January with the race at Ironwood, Michigan. You can reach the entry page through this story, the box-ad on the homepage or under the Community tab in the navigation bar, under “Contests.”

Then, look all reason for stories on the races right here on

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