2025 Lynx Snowmobile Highlights: More Raves, New Brutals

With all the hype this week about the launch of Ski-Doo’s 2025 snowmobile lineup, its sibling brand Lynx has gotten a bit lost in the wash. But the Finnish brand is making some decent news of its own in its fourth year in North America.

     In the subset of its lineup that it makes available on this side of the Atlantic, Lynx has two special new trail models. It also breaks its Brutal lineup away from the rest of the Xterrain crossovers and then expands it. Features were added to the Shredder deep snow machines.

     More engine options, some chassis updates, more usable gauges with on-screen mapping and more are a part of the 2025 Lynx lineup unveiled this week.   

2025 Lynx Trail Models

2025 Lynx Rave GLS 850 Turbo R
2025 Lynx Rave GLS 850 Turbo R

Race fans in North America may not know the details, but Lynx has a very proud racing history in Scandinavia. Although it started mainly as a utility sled brand, it was 40 years ago this year that Lynx unveiled a competition-focused GLS model that won in its very first time on the track.

     To recognize that benchmark, Lynx is unveiling a RAVE GLS model for 2025. The tri-color retro graphics package will be the sled’s most recognizable feature from a glance, but there’s more going on here than a fresh paintjob.

     It starts with the powerplant. The same 850 E-TEC Turbo R that was unveiled in Ski-Doo’s MXZ X-RS with Competition Package a year ago finds its way onto this Lynx model for 2025. It’s the first time a Rave will benefit from the 180 horsepower boosted engine.

     Beyond that, the GLS also gets other features previously associated with the Comp Package Ski-Doo. That includes water injection in the intake system to enable long, full-throttle pulls. Plus, the sled get the batteryless SHOT hot-restarting system.  The “launch mode” first introduced on the Mach Z is also found for the first time on a Lynx.

     When it comes to chassis and suspension, though, ithe GLS mirrors the familiar Rave RE 850 E-TEC. That means it has the latest Radien2 chassis. It also features uncoupled PPS3 rear and LFS+ front suspensions. Each has high-capacity KYB Pro 46 Kashima-coated clicker shocks. Both models spin a 15- by 137- by 1.5-inch Ice Ripper XT studded track for 2025, with aggressive Blade XC+ shocks up front. And each sled is available with a 10.25-inch wide touchscreen gauge, now with on-screen mapping does doesn’t require a cell phone connection.

One More 2025 Lynx Rave

There’s another addition to the Rave lineup, though, that has our team particularly excited. Lynx is bringing a 600-class Rave RE to North America for 2025.

     The features lineup of the 600 mirrors the Rave RE 850 in suspension, four-piston brake caliper, high-end Kashima-coated shocks, etc. But power will come from the 600R Rotax twin.

We’ve always found great joy wringing out 600-class snowmobiles and are truly excited about this new model.

2025 Lynx: A Brutal Breakaway

2025 Lynx Brutal RE
2025 Lynx Brutal RE

Perhaps the meanest bully of a sled available in the past couple of years has been the Lynx Xterrain Brutal. With big power, a 20-inch wide track, reinforcements galore, huge bumpers and more, it backed down to nobody.

     The problem, for some Lynx officials was that it was a bit mis-placed with the Xterrain part of its name. We suppose not unlike when Ski-Doo removed the “Renegade” part of its Backcountry name, Lynx for 2025 is growing the Brutal into its own line.

     And with that, it’s expanding the Brutal’s count and focus.

There will be three Brutals for 2025. Back is the notably updated Brutal RE 850 with its 165-horsepower two-stroke and a huge 20- by 154- by 2.4-inch PowderMax track.  New is a Brutal RE 900 ACE Turbo R with Rotax’s most powerful four-stroke but otherwise the same dimensions and EasyRide+ rear suspension as the 850. Also new is a Brutal RE with that same 900 ACE Turbo R engine and a 16- by 154-inch track that spins 2.5-inch lugs. It has a reinforced version of the PPS2-DS+ rear suspension.  

     Lynx personnel say the Brutals in general are extreme crossovers taken to a higher level, with more ability to tow, haul gear or float through unbroken backcountry despite their big size. The sleds comes standard with the 7.2-inch gauge but can be ordered with the 10.25-inch touchscreen display. That display now with on-screen mapping that doesn’t require a telephone connection.

2025 Lynx Xterrain RE
2025 Lynx Xterrain RE 850 E-TEC Turbo R

      The more standard crossover Xterrain RE returns without a Brutal sibling, but it does have three engine options for 2025. They include the 850 E-TEC, 850 E-TEC Turbo R and the 900 ACE Turbo R.

2025 Lynx: Shredder Mountain Sleds

Changes are more limited in the Lynx deep snow/mountain lineup, but there is still news. Particularly in the Shredder RE lineup.

     The more rough-and-ready RE can be ordered with a turbocharged or naturally aspirated 850 E-TEC, and with either a 146- or 154-inch PowderMax track. Updates for 2025 include upgraded KYB Pro EA-3 shocks, a lower handlebar riser and the updated touch-screen gauge and controls.

2025 Lynx Shredder RE 3900
2025 Lynx Shredder RE 850 E-TEC Turbo R

     The more carving-focused Shredder DS models have the same engine options, except with 154- or 165-inch track options. Updates are more limited here.

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  • Avatar for Viking

    Finally we may have a Lynx RAVE 600 in North America Snox and Cross Country racing. Like to see who the riders will be. I bet from Finland, Sweden and Norway mostly.

    Nice to see more competition to Polaris, Ski-Doo and Arctic Cat.

    They could be very successful on the racing circuits.


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