2024 Lynx Snowmobiles Benefit From Chassis, Feature Upgrades

Lynx 2024 Family

The 2024 Lynx snowmobile lineup for North America includes many notable changes, including an expansion of the Radien2 (REV Gen5) platform and all of its benefits, an upgraded brake, more engine options in some segments, upgraded suspensions and much more.

The BRP sister brand to Ski-Doo continues to differentiate itself from its sibling with truly unique suspension packages, varied ergonomics and distinctive looks while at the same time adopting many of the features that North American riders first saw on 2023 Ski-Doo models.

Let’s break it down by class.

2024 Lynx Rave RE
2024 Lynx Rave RE

The Lynx Rave RE Trail Burner

The Rave RE offers a unique appeal with its uncoupled rear suspension and strong shock package aimed at those who attack bumps like no others. But for 2024 is adds a level of refinement with Radien2 chassis upgrades.

Like its Ski-Doo brethren in REV Gen5 skin, the new chassis upgrade includes a significantly brighter headlight package, a four-point engine mounting system for less vibration and acoustic material in the side panel for better sound control.

Also included is the 10.25-inch touchscreen display that can tie into your phone for onscreen navigation and mapping, plus a new left side control block.

New and exclusive to Lynx (meaning not shared with Ski-Doo) is a revised Trail Performance Seat that is wider at the rear and more narrow and shallow at the front. It also features a flatter top.

The Rave RE also gets the new 4-piston brake also unveiled on select Ski-Doos for 2024 with a larger brake disc. Facing the driver will be a new adjustable brake lever.

Returning are recalibrated versions of the PPS3 rear suspension and LFS+ front suspension, both with beefy KYB Pro 46 Kashima-coated shocks with exterior adjustments for compression and rebound.

2024 Lynx Xterrain RE
2024 Lynx Xterrain RE

The Xterrain Crossovers

The Xterrain RE and distinctive Xterrain Brutal crossovers are back, but the changes between them for 2024 vary broadly.

The XTerrain RE 850 follows its Lynx RE sibling into the Radien2 chassis platform. That means it gets the aforementioned benefits from the headlight, engine mounts, gauge, side panels and more. It also shares the new trail performance seat with the Rave RE.

This sled is propelled by a 16- by 146- by 2-inch PowderMax track but features a 42-inch wide ski stance. It returns with the same, rapidly transferring uncoupled rear suspension and KYB Pro 46mm shocks as before.

New for us North Americans is access to a Xterrain RE with the 900 ACE Turbo four-stroke engine. It spins 180 ponies off the end of the crankshaft and utilizes BRP’s unique intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) throttle by wire system. It spins a 16- by 146- by 1.6-inch Ice Cobra track.

The model with that engine, though, stays in the older Radien-X chassis platform (the equivalent to the REV Gen4 wide body chassis).   

The Xterrain Brutal, meanwhile, is a completely different kind of crossover. Its massive 20- by 154- by 2.4-inch Powdermax track backs down to nothing!

It also stays in the “old” chassis but gets a renewed version of the EasyRide+ rear suspension. It benefits from a shallower attack angle up front plus a new front arm that enables 1.2 inches of addition front shock travel. There are also tilted rails, which Lynx engineers said make the sled feel shorter than its 154-inch track length. It is also said to be better both on and off the trail.

2024 Lynx Shredder RE
2024 Lynx Shredder RE

The Shredder Deep Snow Bombers

The mountain and deep-snow focused Shredder lineup includes new levels of differentiation between the RE and the DS models for 2024.

The RE version will be available once more with the naturally aspirated 850 E-TEC or the boosted 850 E-TEC Turbo R, although now the turbo will be available in both the 154- and the 146-inch track lengths. It had already been moved to the Radien2 chassis for 2023. It keeps its KYB Pro 36 shocks, suspension systems and track options from the previous year. Also of note: You’ll be able to order a 2024 Shredder RE in all black, breaking the red-and-black only run Lynx has had in North America.

In Europe, a Shredder RE will be available with the 600R engine, but not here in North America.

The Shredder DS, meanwhile, gets a new 34-inch ski stance up front to make it more of a sidehilling maven. It returns with either a 15- by 154- by 3-inch track or a similar 165-inch track.

2024 Lynx Shredder DS
2024 Lynx Shredder DS

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    How are the rave shocks recalibrated? Does the Rave have the same suspension springs as the 22 Model? Did anything change so the front end is not so heavy? Such as changing the mounting position of the rear spring.


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