Ask and You Shall Recieve

Ask and you shall receive. With temperatures above freezing putting the track in peril, Saturday night racing under the lights was cut short early.
Perhaps too many of us were hoping too much for cooler conditions on Sunday, because they 
certainly came. Despite freezing temperatures and close to 50 mile per hour winds, the race hosted by WSA Pro-Ice Racing and
the Rock Rapids Sno-Lyons in Rock Rapids, Iowa continued on.

Bundled up in more layers than a sheet cake, I stepped out of the trailer
Sunday morning and made my way to the stands. Running off of a great
weekend at the season opener, Matt Schulz was once again the man to beat in
Pro Formula 600. Flying around the track on his Polaris, Schulz had no
problem fending off the competition in the final. Finishing behind Schulz
was the Polaris of Brandon Johnson, followed by a hard-charging P.J.
Wanderscheid, on his Arctic Cat.

One final that was missing from the weekend was the Pro Champ 440 final.
Although qualifying rounds were completed, the final, which was scheduled
to be the last race of the weekend, was not held. Racers decided against
competing in the final due to worsening weather conditions. The race will
be made up at the Forest Lake race.

The Semi-Pro Champ race, however, was completed. The Ski-Doo of Travis
MacDonald along with Curtis Boivin and Joey Fjerstad, both on Polaris
sleds, battled back and forth all weekend. Ultimately, the win went to
Fjerstad, with MacDonald on his mud flap and Boivin finishing third.

A similar scenario played out in the Semi-Pro Open class with the same
three switching positions. It was Boivin finishing in front this time
around with Fjerstad finishing second and MacDonald third.

Alex VanNatta, on his Polaris, was fast in the Junior classes. He pegged
wins in Junior Novice, Junior I 380 Stock and Junior I Sprint.

Also very fast on his Polaris was Beau Van Strydonk. He went on to win
Junior III Sprint, Sprint 500 and Sprint 500 Open. He also finished second
in to the Ski-Doo of Spencer Graff in Sprint 600 Open.

WSA Pro-Ice Racing will host their next race in Forest Lake, Minn over the
seventh and eight of February.

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