ACSA Awards: 2021 Snowmobiler Of The Year

The great sport of snowmobiling is only possible due to the many great, behind-the-scenes volunteers who work tirelessly to create, maintain and protect the places where we ride. The recent International Snowmobile Congress event in Omaha was a gathering of the leaders in that movement – and each year, that group picks a Snowmobiler, Snowmobile Family, Youth Snowmobiler, Dealer and Snowmobile Club Of The Year to honor. This mission is two part: To truly honor those who deserve the award, but also to hope their efforts inspire snowmobilers like you to get involved in the grass roots level of the sport.

For 2021, the Snowmobiler Of The Year is from South Dakota. Here are the details from the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA). Follow links to on the words above to see the other worthy recipients.

Brian Erickson named the 2021 ACSA Snowmobiler of the Year

Snowmobiler Of The Year
2021 Snowmobiler Of The Year Brian Erickson (center) is surrounded by ACSA VP Dan Long (left) and ASCA President Scott Herzog (right).

Brian Erickson from Arlington, South Dakota, was named the ACSA Snowmobiler of the Year. Erickson has been an active member of the South Dakota Snowmobile Association and ACSA for 22 years. 

     Erickson’s involvement started at the Town & Country Snowdrifters Snowmobile Club, moving into club leadership, then onto the state level and the national level.

     As with many snowmobilers, starting as a club member quickly turns into volunteering at different work events, fundraising events, and eventually working your way through the officer positions.  This is a natural turn of events for driven and gifted leaders, and Erickson displays all of the leadership traits. 

     When Erickson was elected President of the SDSA, one of his first actions was to organize a Youth Snowmobile Group, the YETIS.  Erickson served as a Youth Safety Instructor at the club level as well as serving as the SDSA Safety Committee Chair.  His dedication to safety and assistance shows as he continues to serve as a volunteer fireman in his community. 

      Leaders lead by example – and Erickson does exactly that! When there is a local land issue or national forest land issue, this snowmobiler picks up the phone or writes letter. If it’s a state issue or national issue, this snowmobiler will fire off a letter to their State officials as well as their DC representatives. 

     According to SDSA President Greg Nordstrom, “It’s all about helping each other out and having a great day of riding for Erickson. He always there to help out in any and all situations.  Erickson is also known to mentor young riders as well as helping to dig out fellow riders in their time of need.

     “Erickson understand the challenges and is never shy about getting involved,” said Nordstrom. He continued, “Brian is great about getting others to understand the challenges and getting them involved, from the youth to the seasoned riders.  He and his wife Tracey have been instrumental in attending events like the Governor’s Ride, helping with fundraising, and spreading all of the positives of snowmobiling.  SDSA is proud that Brian received this recognition for his efforts.”

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