2021 ACSA Snowmobile Club, Dealer Of The Year

The great sport of snowmobiling is only possible due to the many great, behind-the-scenes volunteers who work tirelessly to create, maintain and protect the places where we ride. The recent International Snowmobile Congress event in Omaha, Nebraska, was a gathering of the leaders in that movement – and each year, that group picks a Snowmobiler, Snowmobile Family, Youth Snowmobiler, Dealer and Snowmobile Club Of The Year to honor. This mission is two part: To truly honor those who deserve the award, but also to hope their efforts inspire snowmobilers like you to get involved in the grass roots level of the sport.

Below, in the words of the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA), are the Club and Dealer that were honored for 2021. To see the other worthy recipients, click on the words highlighted above.

Red Arrow Snowmobile-ATV Club receives 2021 Snowmobile Club of the Year

snowmobile club of the year
Gary and Sandy Wagner of the winning Red Arrow Snowmobile Club are flanked by ACSA President Scott Herzog and ASCA President Scott Herzog (right).

The Red Arrow Snowmobile-ATV Snowmobile Club from Townsend, Wisconsin was named the ACSA Snowmobile Club of the Year.  The club was started 53 years ago.

The club has progressed from hand-drawn trail maps to a website and Facebook with thousands of views.  The club grooms about 65 miles of trail.  In 2010, the Red Arrow Snowmobile Club converted to a joint Snowmobile-ATV club.  In fact, this club was instrumental in helping to form a multi-county ATV/UTV club leader group that meets quarterly with the National Forest to address issues and challenges.

The Snowmobile Club realizes the importance of working together with other clubs and organizations as well as the local chamber of commerce and neighboring towns fire departments and ambulance services. They participate in local events such as the 4th of July Parade and Fireworks as well as organize Snowmobile Safety Classes. 

Every Wednesday during the winter, the club hosts a Join the Group Ride, for all snowmobilers and their friends.  “It’s an all- day ride with lunch for experienced riders as well as new riders” said Club Past President Gary Wagner.  Wagner continued, “The club has been blessed with many young retiree residents as well as active weekenders who love motorized recreation”.

 “The Red Arrow Club has been very active and engaged for many years at the local, regional and state level” stated AWSC President Dave Newman.  Newman continued, “They are also very involved in giving back to the community, with the MS Society, the ambulance service, and food pantry. We are proud they are now the ACSA Club of the Year as well as being named the International Club of the Year.” 

ACSA announces Ken’s Sports as the 2021 Snowmobile Dealer of the Year

Ken's Sports dealer of year
Liz and Jon Podvin of Ken’s Sports are flanked by ACSA VP Dan Long (left) and ASCA President Scott Herzog (right).

Ken’s Sports from Kaukauna, Wisconsin was named the ACSA Snowmobile Dealer of the Year. The dealership has been in business for over 52 years, with Ken and Mary Vander Loop at the helm.  In addition to the Kaukauna location, they are also in Green Bay.

In addition to being a dealer, they are very involved, they are currently a member of four local clubs – but has been a member of up to eight clubs at one time, including the owners and employees helping with trail work and grooming!

They regularly attend snowmobile club meetings, conventions and workshops. Their generosity does not apply to only one club, but several local clubs, the Military Ride as well as with the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs. They have also donated a generator to be given away to one of the Convention attendees each year. 

Ken’s Sports realizes the importance of the youth by establishing 4 youth academic scholarships.  “Getting the youth involved through their scholarship program shows their continued dedication to the future of snowmobiling – the youth,” said AWSC President Dave Newman. 

Most importantly, each customer that purchases a snowmobile receives a trail map – highlighting the importance of snowmobile clubs. Each customer is encouraged to become a club member – either where they live or ride.  They emphasize the importance of snowmobile clubs and the trail system.

 “Ken’s Sports truly represents snowmobiling at the grassroots level.  Most of the employees are snowmobilers, so they are passionate about the sport, and partner with the clubs and AWSC,” said AWSC President Dave Newman. “They support the sport!” We are proud they are now the ACSA Dealer of the Year as well as being named the International Dealer of the Year.” 

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