Snowmobile Club Profile: Low Plains Drifters

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Located in rich West-Central Minnesota farm country where Grant, Wilkin, Traverse and Douglas counties come together, the Low Plains Drifters snowmobile club mixes diligent work and hard-core fun into a great blend that could be the envy of other clubs.

          The Drifters oversee 159 miles of trails that travel in ditches, across agricultural fields and cut through sections of forest, connecting riders in beautiful lake country Minnesota to the North Dakota border. To do so, the club utilizes a 2.5-ton, 12-foot wide grooming drag its members built themselves, which is pulled by a Case International Quad Track tractor.

          It’s not all about the labor, however. The club has interesting events year-around, plans group rides and trips together and generally knows how to have fun and enjoy the sport.

          Here are the answers to our questions that were provided by club’s Sara Larson. Hopefully they’ll encourage you to join a club in your area if you’re not already a member. Or, if you’ve got a club you’d like to tell us (and our readers) about, please go to and fill out our online form.

What’s your best in-season club event or activity that makes membership fun?

“Every year we hold our annual banquet on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  At this time we gather together to kick off the snowmobile season over a fabulous meal and entertainment.  We also award the ‘high miler’ to the snowmobiler who put on the most miles the previous years. Our night is filled with raffles, prizes, and games. We also hold a fun run during years we have adequate snowfall.  We challenge members and friends to stop at local businesses along our trail, getting stamps along the way and finish at one location together for prizes and to swap stories of the day.”

What’s your best off-season club event or activity?

“We have a training sled let we loan out to the local communities to use for the snowmobile safety test for our youth. During the summer months, club members take turns pulling this LPD-wrapped sled in all the local parades.” 

What has been your best means for finding new club members?

“Word of mouth. It’s all about who you know and getting them to join in on the fun and commit to supporting a great sport.” 

How do you make new members or prospective new members feel welcomed in your club?

“We publish a newsletter monthly from Oct-March. This keeps our members informed and feeling like a part of our club.”

One interesting thing that our club does for the good of the sport is…

“We always like to help others out. Every year we donate to the food shelf, Toys For Tots, and the Veterans Ride.  We have also supported benefits of hurt snowmobilers or donated money.  We have also supported youth snowmobile racers.” 

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