2021 ACSA Snowmobile Family, Youth Of The Year

The great sport of snowmobiling is only possible due to the many great, behind-the-scenes volunteers who work tirelessly to create, maintain and protect the places where we ride. The recent International Snowmobile Congress event in Omaha was a gathering of the leaders in that movement – and each year, that group picks a Snowmobiler, Snowmobile Family, Youth Snowmobiler, Snowmobile Club and Dealer Of The Year to honor. This mission is two part: To truly honor those who deserve the award, but also to hope their efforts inspire snowmobilers like you to get involved in the grass roots level of the sport.

Below are the winners of the Youth and Family Of The Year awards — both from Wisconsin — in the words of the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA). We send our thanks, and congratulations. Click through on the words above to see the other recipients.

ACSA announces 2021 Young Snowmobiler of the Year

Young Snowmobiler of the Year AJ Krueger (center) is surrounded by Rodney and Racyl Burinski (left) and her parents, Wayde and Dawn (right), by her race truck. She was unable to attend the snowmobile congress due to racing commitments.

AJ Krueger from Wausau, Wisconsin was named the ACSA Young Snowmobiler of the Year.   

Krueger got involved in her snowmobile club 16 years ago, and more recently become involved with Youth Snowmobiling, Kids and Adults Out Snowmobiling (KAOS).  She has volunteered working the Grass Drags, brushing and marking trails, fundraising and participated in the Badger State Games Torch Run. 

Krueger said she “realized it’s easier to get the entire family involved (Mom, Dad and Kids) rather than just trying to get one person involved.  This also promotes family riding and togetherness!” Getting the next generation involved is an important goal, as well as getting the attention of non-snowmobilers as well as snowmobiling families. 

In just two years, she has spoken to over 600 new youth. Krueger was successful in getting all kids over the age of 12, who had taken their snowmobile safety class and are active in the club, the opportunity to have their voices heard and assist in club activities – by giving them the ability to vote! 

Krueger’s original involvement was with the Wisconsin Kids Snowmobile Racing Association and the Wisconsin Kitty Cat Racers. So, it came as no surprise that AJ was not able to receive her award due to a previous engagement, racing her truck in Iowa the evening of the awards. She is also an active truck racer, traveling around Wisconsin and surrounding states competing on the race track.

 “Having young and enthusiastic involvement like AJ is the future of snowmobiling” stated AWSC President Dave Newman.   “With youth involvement and encouragement from young snowmobilers like AJ, our future is bright! Passionate snowmobilers, especially young snowmobilers, are the future leaders of our sport. We are so proud of AJ and the entire KAOS group!”

ACSA announces 2021 Snowmobile Family of the Year

Ed and Bonnie Pollich, and their daughters and sons-in-law, Kim/Dave  and Terri/Mike, from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin  were named the ACSA Snowmobile Family of the Year. The Pollich family is the 4th generation to be involved in the local snowmobile club.

Snowmobiling is a way of life for the Pollich family. Ed has served as a groomer operator and maintenance coordinator for many years. In addition,  Ed, Bonnie, Kim and her son all serve on the board of the Snobirds Snowmobile Club. 

As most snowmobilers understand, fundraising is a never ending challenge, the Pollich family also understands and has been active in organizing fundraisers from radar runs to smelt dinners, in addition to organizing snowmobile rides and trips.

Bonnie Pollich says, “The Pollich Family lives to snowmobile!  Belonging to organized snowmobiling is an easy way to make new friends and find new places to ride!”

Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Club President Dave Newman says, “The Pollich family has made snowmobiling a year-around activity.”   Newman continued, “The Pollishs promote snowmobiling as a family sport,  keeping everyone together whether it’s out snowmobiling or attending snowmobile events.”   

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