The Marilla Sno-Mob of New York. The Walsh Coulee Cruisers from North Dakota. The Wise River Jackpine Savages in Montana. Who would mess with those weirdos? Actually, the folks in those snowmobile clubs are probably great people who happen to love riding snowmobiles and giving back to the sport by maintaining trails, training young riders and promoting outdoor recreation.

There are thousands of snowmobile clubs in the United States, and many of them have names that are good for a chuckle. For today’s Top 5 list, we’ve picked the five funniest snowmobile club names from the American Heartland — Iowa. When you’re done laughing, check out the easy-to-use snowmobile club guide that includes the entire Snowbelt so you can read more laughable names, or better  yet, find a club to join where you live or ride.

1. Butler County Snow Snoops
Greene, Iowa

2. Cascade Snow Punchers
Cascade, Iowa

3. Webster County Ice Breakers
Gowrie, Iowa

4. Howard County Stump Jumpers
Riceville, Iowa

5. Worth County Fence Stretchers
Worth County, Iowa

Do you know a funny snowmobile club name? Share it in the comments section below.

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    SWISS inc. (Southwest Iowa Snow Scooters) Crescent,Ia


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