In all, there are Bearcat models purpose-built for heavy-duty utility applications.

The Bearcat WideTrack Turbo is the top-of-the-line workhorse. It’s powered by a 115 hp turbocharged C Tech 4 engine that displaces 660cc. Power is transferred to a 20- by 156- by 1.25-inch track for trailbreaking flotation. The same long, wide skid is available with an articulating or straight-rail rear suspension.

The Bearcat WideTrack, which has the naturally aspirated C Tech 4 engine, has a straight-rail FasTrack Long Travel rear suspension. It’s wrapped by a 20- by 156- by 1-inch track.

The Bearcat 570 is powered by the 570 Gen II fan-cooled engine with dual 34mm Mikuni carburetors.

All of the Bearcat utility models feature a removable passenger seat for more storage capacity than the standard rack permits. Accessory attachments are a snap to install with the Speedrack system, and all Bearcats are in an attractive blue color for 2007.

570 Gen II:

Updated for 2007, the 570 Gen II two-stroke, fan-cooled twin engine is cleaner burning.

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