2025 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles Unveiled: The ZR Lineup

2025 Arctic Cat ZR 858 R-XC
2025 Arctic Cat ZR 858 R-XC

Arctic Cat today released details on its 2025 snowmobile lineup. Due to last September’s announcements of the new 858 engine and Garmin gauge at the Hay Days event, there weren’t a ton of surprises.

     However, we now know details of some of the packages that will be available, plus we get to ponder about some new shock absorbers. We also get to see which four-stroke ProCross and single-cylinder Blast chassis models made it back for 2025.

No word is available yet on the pricing or the exact dates of the ordering period.

     We’ll cover the ZRs below, the Riots here and the M lineup here.

2025 Arctic Cat Catalyst ZRs

2025 Arctic Cat ZR 858
2025 Arctic Cat ZR 858

There will be an entire fleet of two-stroke ZRs in the Catalyst chassis for 2025. That includes base ZR and upgraded ZR R-XC models with either the 599cc or the new 858cc twin. However, there is a twist.

     With the “regular” ZRs, consumers can choose between three shock packages: baseline with Arctic Cat internal floating piston (IFP) gas shocks, three-position Fox iQS shocks controlled by the adjust-on-the-fly ATAC system above the skis and on the rear arm, or yet-to-be-fully-defined five-position AC5S shocks all around on the Sno Pro package.

     The high-tech new Arctic Cat G8 Garmin touchscreen gauge that Cat unveiled at Hay Days will be standing on ATAC-equipped models and an upgrade option on other sleds.

     Those ZRs will be available with either a 15- by 129- by 1.25-inch RipSaw or 15- by 137- by 1.25-inch RipSaw II track. Once again Cat will have an uncoupled Slide-Action rear end on the 129-incher and a coupled version on the 137-incher.

     Returning features of the Catalyst chassis layout include the final belt drive system, progressive ratio steering, ADAPT clutches and electric start.

     For the record, Arctic Cat’s marketing pieces put the interesting new 858 engine in the “165-class” for horsepower rating. We are still eagerly awaiting our first test ride.

     There will also be 2025 ZR R-XC models with cross-country racing upgrades with either the 600- or 858-class engines. Different rear suspension geometry, Fox QS3R shocks, some chassis and suspension reinforcements and a 15- by 138- by 1.35-inch Cobra track are among the features that separate an R-XC from a regular ZR.     

Other 2025 Arctic Cat ZRs

2025 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 Thundercat
2025 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 Thundercat

There are three returning four-stroke ZRs in the ProCross chassis platform, plus some renamed smaller ZRs in the Blast layout.

     Some folks pondered whether Yamaha’s impending exit from the snowmobile market would mean an end to ZR 9000 and ZR 7000 four-stroke Cats. However, they are definitely back for 2025. We’ll see what the future holds beyond this year.

     The turbocharged 200ish horsepower Yamaha 998cc three-cylinder engine returns in the ZR 9000 Thundercat and ZR 9000 RR for 2025. Both again benefit from electric-assist power steering.

The Thundercat version runs handlebar-controlled Fox iQS3 shocks above the skis and on the rear arm of the Slide-Action rear. The RR opts for Kashima-coated Fox QS3 shocks on all four points, with external rebound control on the front suspension and the rear arm. The RR also gets some chassis reinforcements.

The ZR 7000 also returns for 2025. Once more, it gets power from Yamaha’s longstanding 1049cc triple that makes about 135 horsepower, according to Arctic Cat. Its specs look familiar, with the ProCross chassis layout. Arctic Cat IFP shocks are the only option on the Slide-Action rear and ARS II front suspensions.

2025 Arctic Cat ZR 400
2025 Arctic Cat ZR 400

     Meanwhile, it appears that Cat is dropping the word “Blast” out of the name of its mid-sized ZR 400, but it stays in the Blast platform. It’s a roughly 7/8th-size chassis that’s powered by a 397cc fuel-injected single that makes about 65 horsepower.

     The ZR 120 and ZR 200 youth sleds also return for 2025.


Again, get information on the 2025 Riot crossovers and M mountain sleds by clicking through.

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  • Avatar for Dan Boothby

    I am wondering if the 9000 or Thundercat will have the new gauge cluster available for 2025?

    • Avatar for Bob Dockham

      No, the new G8 gauge will only be available in the new Catalyst chassis


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