2025 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles Unveiled: The Riot Lineup

2025 Arctic Cat Riot 858
2025 Arctic Cat Riot 858

Arctic Cat today released details on its 2025 snowmobile lineup. Due to last September’s announcements of the new 858 engine and Garmin gauge at the Hay Days event, there weren’t a ton of surprises.

     However, we now know details of some of the packages that will be available. Plus we get to ponder about some new shock absorbers. We also get to see which four-stroke ProCross and single-cylinder Blast chassis models made it back for 2025.

     We’ll cover the Riots below, the ZRs here and the M lineup here.

2025 Arctic Cat Riots Follow Suit

If you read the ZR story, you’ll quickly note a pattern as we go through the rest of Cat’s 2025 lineup. As with the ZRs, the Riot crossover lineup sees expansion of the exciting new 858 two-stroke in Catalyst models, the return of a four-stroke in the ProCross chassis and some renaming of the single-cylinder machines.

     There is additional news, though, as the Riot X platform disappears and the Sno Pro shock option is found here as well.

     Buyers of Catalyst-based Riots get choices:

  • A 125-class horsepower 599cc twin or a 165-class horsepower 8858cc twin.
  • Baseline IFP shocks, new Sno Pro package with yet-to-be-unveiled five-position AC5S shocks, or the ATAC system with Fox iQS shocks.
  • A 15- by 146-inch track with either a 1.35-inch Cobra layout or 1.75-inch Hurricane design.

     As in the ZR lineup, ATAC shock buyers get the G8 touchscreen gauge as standard equipment while buyers of other packages can upgrade to the gauge.

     Those Riots all come with the uncoupled Cross-Action rear suspension and a 39-inch center-distance stance between G2 skis.

     Returning Catalyst features include the final belt drive, progressive ratio steering and lightweight, more centralized design. Thanks to the late start of winter this year, we know some people still haven’t gotten out on their 2024 Catalyst machines. We now eagerly await the chance to rip around on one of these crossovers with the more powerful 858.

Other 2025 Arctic Cat Riots

2025 Arctic Cat Riot 9000
2025 Arctic Cat Riot 9000

A ProCross-based Riot 9000 returns for model year 2025. It gives buyers the turbocharged Yamaha 998cc triple with a 15- by 146- by 1.35-inch Cobra track. That track is a nice match to harness the roughly 200 horsepower.

     Its track length and the uncoupled design of the Cross-Action skid frame are about the only features that puts this machine in the Riot category, however.

     The Riot 9000’s trail-width stance is adjustable between 41.5 and 43.5 inches. It comes standard with a heated seat. It even benefits from electronic power steering. It’s a long, heavy but very fun trail machine.

2025 Arctic Cat Riot 400
2025 Arctic Cat Riot 400

      Two machines in the diminutive Blast chassis return with new names for next season.

     The Riot 400 is the new name for the previous Blast XR 400. Returning features include the smaller/tighter chassis, 65-horsepower single-cylinder engine, narrow 38-inch front end and long Slide-Action rear suspension that’s wrapped by a 146-inch Cobra track with 1.6-inch lugs.

     Its sister machine used to be called the Blast XR 400 Touring. For 2025, it’s going to be the Riot 400 Touring. It shares its chassis and rear suspension with the XR 400. However, it gets a passenger seat, a 40-inch ski stance and 1.25-icnh lugs on a 146-inch RipSaw track.

2025 Arctic Cat Riot 400 Touring
2025 Arctic Cat Riot 400 Touring

     Hydraulic twin-tube shocks are found on all four corners of both machines.  

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5 thoughts on “2025 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles Unveiled: The Riot Lineup

  • Avatar for Orlin A. Booshu

    Good to see Arctic Cat with the new 858 & the new catalyst chassis!!! I’m a die hard Arctic Cat guy. 💪💪💪

  • Avatar for Jerry

    Is AC sandbagging? Their 800 is rated at 165 hp, they are advertising 11%more than the 800, that works out to 183hp

    • Avatar for C.B.

      It’s probably more like 85 h.p. if they’re lucky! It’ll be in the shop all winter for repairs! I’d rather walk!

  • Avatar for CharliePII

    Great Looking Machine AC! I own the 2020 Riot with IQS package , very good machine… super reliable. I can see myself pulling the trigger on the riot 858 with 1.75 lug in the near future 🙂

    thanks for bringing the customer what we have been asking for !



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