Polaris To Give Away 60 New Snowmobiles In 60 Days This Winter

There have been sled giveaway contests before — limited edition models, racer replicas, web-based contests and even Snow Goer Snowmobile Of The Year drawings over the years. But the program Polaris launched today is the most robust contest in recent memory. polaris 60

To kick off the celebration of its 60th year building snowmobiles, or “60 years of Terrain Domination” according to the Polaris press release, the company announced that it is giving away 60 new snowmobiles in 60 days, starting in January. It’s “The Polaris Sled-a-Day Giveaway,” and it’s free and easy to get involved in.

To enter, participants merely have to go to a Polaris dealership after January 1 and fill out a form. Polaris says it will draw a winner each day between January 4 and March 4, and that winner will get a new 2015 Polaris snowmobile and “will enjoy the ultimate snowmobiling experience,” according to Polaris.

Sixty sled giveaways in 60 days?! That’s mighty ambitious, and it’s got to be a rather expensive endeavor. It’s also interesting that the winners will get 2015 models. So, do you think the company has some exciting new model for 2015 that it is using the contest to try to hype? Maybe a more affordable model or a tweener or something? Doing the math, it would seem far more affordable to give away 60 sleds valued at $7,000 each (so, $420,000 worth of product) than to hand out 60 new 800 Pro-RMK 163s that retail for $12,599 (so, $756,000 in snowmobiles, plus the cost of running and promoting the program), but who knows? In recent years Polaris as a corporation seems to like to do things big, and this certainly qualifies.

Either way, Polaris points out  the earlier you register, the more days you’ll be eligible to win a sled.

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    I was just curious I was at a Polaris dealer yesterday and got the coupon with the code to enter the contest and I tried several times today to go online to register and there is no web site that I could find for it any ware ! IT is the 1st now so when does it start! All I could find were other magazines and people talking about it and that’s it no site at all also tried different search engines and still nothing to register on what give’s !


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