Permit Allows Riding For New Snowmobile Season… In New Zealand

Whew, that was a close one…

The Otaga Daily Times is reporting today (tomorrow, actually — the story is datelined June 2, 2015) that a snowmobile permit has been granted for a company called Queensland Snowmobiles to guide rides in a local valley “just in time for the business to launch at the start of winter.”

In fact, the first customers are planning to ride this week. Queensland snowmobiles

Confused? Thinking that maybe this is for watercrossing or something? And how can they already be reporting it tomorrow?

Well, that local valley just happens to be in the beautiful country of New Zealand, where the winter solstice is approaching.

It all sounds like a grand adventure in a very remote location: Access to the base camp where riders begin their day is by helicopter only, and there is a designated sled refueling station setup, according to the article, because you can’t just ride up to the local pitstop, fill your sled and your belly and keep riding.

A Google search led us to the company’s website — the tours are two-hours blasts in the Garvie Mountains aboard Polaris sleds, cruising on up to altitudes of 6,000 feet. New Zealand, you say? Hmmmmm…. that’s a long ways to go for a two-hour tour. We’ll probably opt for chasing down the pockets of rideable snow still available in Colorado, thank you very much, but snowmobiling in New Zealand does sound like something to click off of the bucket list.


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