Polaris Launches New Ride Destination Network

A ride through the Black Hills in South Dakota is one of the destinations offered through Polaris Adventures.

Snowmobilers looking to ride on different terrain across the nation this season will now have a new network providing access to destinations offering the ample adventure they crave.

According a press release:

Polaris has announced the launch Polaris Adventures – a premium network of ride and drive destinations nationwide. Area experts known as “adventure outfitters”, provide participants with worry-free ride and drive options to create safe, memorable adventures for all skill levels.

“We believe in integrating quality and innovation into everything we do – from the vehicles and products we design, to the services and experiences we create for the consumer,” said Scott Wine, Polaris chairman and CEO. “The concept for Polaris Adventures arose from our passion to introduce people to powersports, and the realization that we could extend our reach by introducing a new, premium opportunity for off and on-road day trips. We see this as a unique opportunity to share the excitement with new customers all across the country.”

Polaris Adventures was created after years of contemplating how to bring safe, memorable, vehicle-based adventures to a broader audience nationally. The concept includes numerous outfitters nationwide; from the tropical paradise of Maui, Hawaii, and the desert terrain of Ocotillo Wells, California, to the epic mountain passes of Silverton, Colorado, and the wooded trails and trout streams of Pittsburg, New Hampshire.

Once guests arrive at the location, all guests are given vehicle and safety instructions – making the experience approachable for any skill level. Guided tours are also available in select destinations.

“By establishing partnerships with local area experts, we have created a network of premium riding and driving experiences throughout the country. From Maine to Maui, this program consistently delivers the highest quality ride opportunities on the latest Polaris vehicles. The greatest reward is watching newcomers get into the driver’ s seat and create a lifetime of memories. That’ s what it’ s all about, ” said Paul Vitrano , vice president and GM of Polaris Experience, LLC.

“We’re empowering families to explore,” said Jan Rintamaki, director of Polaris Adventures. “It’s an honor to bring these same experiences to others.”

Rintamaki is the architect behind Polaris Adventures’ push for responsible recreation and concepts such ‘pick your own adventure’ where participants tailor packages to specific interests. 

Where do you plan to ride this season? 

For more information, visit adventures.polaris.com

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