Friday’s Fast Five: Best Ads From 1972 Snow Goer

Here at the spacious Snow Goer offices, we’re busy cranking out stories for the first issue of Snow Goerfor the 2012-13 season — it will be filled with awesome, unforgettable, downright epic (yes, epic) stories. Honest!

How could we not choose an ad with the word "Baloney" in it. Mix in the fact that it's a twin-tracker, and you've got a dead-cinch lock.

For this week’s Friday’s Fast Five, we go back exactly 40 years, when the crew of Snow Goer at the time was working on their first issue of the 1972-73 season. Going back through the old issues always robs us of hour after hour of productive time, as we enjoy articles and images of the way-back era. What struck us most from the September 1972, issue, however, were the great ads for now-defunct snowmobile brands. There were more than a dozen, but as usual, we can only select five for our Friday list.

The issue features a Moto-Ski Zephyr waterskipping on the cover, but here are the most eye-catching ads… Our website crops the images oddly below; click on each ad to see them in their glory, as scanned directly out of the magazine this afternoon. Click on the ad again to make it even bigger.

How could we not choose an ad with the word “Baloney” in it. Mix in the fact that it’s a twin-tracker, and you’ve got a dead-cinch lock.


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