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How To Prep A Snowmobile For Off-Season Storage

Snowmobile Prep Products

Andy Swanson, Managing Editor
April 20, 2015

Many owners let their snowmobiles coast to a stop at the end of a season’s last ride, and there they sit in the yard all spring, summer and fall for the world to see. Unprotected from the elements, they degrade. Fuel hoses harden, seat fabrics crack and rust forms on internal engine components.... Read more »

How To Replace Snowmobile Track Clips


Andy Swanson
November 13, 2013

Snowmobile track clips that are broken, worn, discolored or have separated from the track like these should be replaced. Snowmobile track clips are attached to the windows of snowmobile tracks so they can slide against hyfax on the bottom of the suspension rails. Snowmobile track clips typically last... Read more »

5 Tips To Lessen The Pain Of Snowmobile Repairs

Andy Swanson
January 18, 2013

Good communication with shop personnel usually results in higher quality work and fewer unpleasant surprises. If your snowmobile breaks down, repairing it could turn into a long, expensive process that keeps you off the trails for weeks and smacks your wallet especially hard. Fortunately, there are a... Read more »

How to Inspect and Service Reed Valves

Step 5

November 14, 2012

Reed valves might be one of the most neglected parts on a two-stroke snowmobile. That’s too bad because many snowmobilers might be giving up performance or dealing with an engine that’s hard to start because of worn reed petals. Research online showed that new reed petals are available from Arctic... Read more »

6 Pre-Season Sled Tips


Andy Swanson, Managing Editor
September 10, 2012

An unlucky snowmobiler might say that if there weren’t bad luck, he’d have no luck at all. Whether it’s a shelled chaincase, blown drive belt or lost drag race, this guy can’t seem to catch a break. While No-Luck Chuck always blames something else — the repair shop, the belt manufacturer or... Read more »

How To Replace a Snowmobile Seat Cover

February 10, 2012

Hold on to a snowmobile long enough and its seat cover will eventually split, crack or tear. Maybe a boot-lace eyelet hooked it or a neighbor’s dog chewed a hole. Maybe you’re restoring a vintage sled and it needs a new skin. No problem. Replacing a seat cover is relatively simple … if you have... Read more »

Cracked Snowmobile Fuel Tank Filler Neck

Tools Josep Ma. Rosell

December 13, 2011

Back-ordered snowmobile parts are a bummer, but sometimes you can get by and make the old broken parts work until the new one comes in. In this case: a fuel tank. If the threads are cracked on your snowmobile’s fuel tank filler neck, you might be able to cut the neck off and still get a good seal... Read more »

Snowmobile pre-season tips

Tools Josep Ma. Rosell

November 4, 2010

This is one of the best times of the year. We’ve already transitioned from summer into fall, and now we’re slowly sliding from fall into winter. The cold nights, a coating of frost in the morning, getting outside marking trails and getting ready for another snowmobile season are all wonderful elements... Read more »

Used Sled Shopping Tips


October 29, 2010

Asking the right questions and knowing what to look for can prevent a bad buy on a used sled. Here are some tips that you should follow every time you check out a used sled. Always look over a used sled in a well-lit area and preferably without snow on the machine. If the sun has set but you don’t... Read more »

Two-Stroke Piston Rings, A Primer

Two-stroke snowmobile piston ring

October 22, 2010

Perhaps you’ve seen that the pistons in most two-stroke snowmobile engines have two rings, yet other powerplants have only one ring per piston. Here’s why. Pistons in most Arctic Cat, Polaris and Yamaha two-stroke snowmobile engines are fitted with two rings. Most of Ski-Doo’s Rotax engines have... Read more »

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