Ski-Doo MX Z Renegade 600 H.O. SDI

Ski-Doo’s hybrid sled is available with two suspension packages and three engine options: the 600 H.O. SDI, 800 H.O PowerTEK or 1000 SDI, which is built on the RT chassis.

All versions are standard with a 16- by 136- by 1.25-inch track; “X” package 800 and 1000cc Renegades are available with a 1.75-inch lug Ice Ripper track that has premolded studs. Electric start is included with the $600 track option.

Standard Renegades are available all season and have black/yellow or white/black color schemes. These machines will suit the needs of most riders.

“X” package buyers will reap the benefits of an upgraded suspension, brakes and a few added accessories. These were only available last spring, but might be available at some dealers. Color options were black or yellow/black.

Electric start is available on all MX Z Renegades for $350.

Front Suspension: RAS; Shocks/Travel: HPG Take Apart Clicker/9 inches; Rear Suspension: SC-4; Shocks/Travel: HPG Take-Apart Aluminum (front), HPG C-36 Racing Clicker (rear)/16 inches; Features: The upgraded “X” package includes firm shock calibrations with added tunability suited for aggressive riders.

600 H.O. SDI:

Technology makes this 594cc engine U.S. EPA-compliant through 2010.

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