Snow Goer’s Mileage Makers of 1982

Every spring when testing new snowmobiles, we keep track, officially and unofficially, of mileage figures for all but the high performance sleds. Over the past six years we noticed that mileage statistics keep improving. In 1977 only two test sleds cracked the 20-plus miles per gallon barrier. This year 10 of 14 test sleds could easily achieve 20-plus mpg.

'82 John Deere Trailfire

The few that didn’t were generally just under that figure.With this significant improvement in efficiency (brought about by improvements in engine design, clutches, and carburetion), we feel that it is time to recognize the “MPG All Stars.”

Since the 1979 model year, John Deere’s Trailfire series has been an “MPG All Star.” It hasn’t mattered whether it was a 340cc or a 440cc model. The Trailfires have been 25-plus mpg getters in every recorded fuel test session to date.
'82 Arctic Cat JagARCTIC CAT JAG

Pick a Jag, any Jag, and look for way above average mileage. It doesn’t matter which engine powers this fuel stingy series, they all get between 20 and 40 mpg, If there has been an “all star” model in the sport, this has been it. These models will break OPEC’s heart.
'82 Polaris Cutlass SSPOLARIS CUTLASS SS

The Polaris Star-powered Cutlass models are “stars” in their own right. In two seasons of testing these 440cc SS versions, we’ve seen the bottom line fuel figure close in on the 30-plus mpg mark. (Polaris’ Gemini set the unofficial high mpg with 44 two years ago.)
'82 Yamaha EnticerYAMAHA ENTICER

Any of the various displacement Enticer models will give you above average mileage; not as high overall as the Jag, but as consistent throughout the line of Enticers as both the Jag and Trailfires. Over the years, the Enticer has earned a “star” rating and in conclusion in SNOW GOER’s Mileage Makers Hall of Fame.
'82 Moto-Ski MirageMOTO-SKI MIRAGE

A corporate twin to the Ski-Doo Citation series, the Mirage also earns a “star” rating due to its 368cc Rotax. Not only is there spunky power and trail torque available from the piston- ported Rotax, but there is a tendency toward over-20 mpg economy.
'82 John Deere SportfireJOHN DEERE SPORTFIRE

1982 marks the first time we tested the 440cc Sportfire from Deere. Not only is it a personal trail sportster with good ride and handling, it is a “star” at the gas pump with over 25 mpg economy.
'82 John Deere SpitfireJOHN DEERE SPITFIRE

While we haven’t tested a Spitfire in a couple of seasons, this Deere budget- stretcher, too, will depress your local service station attendant. As a fleet, the Deeres are most likely the leading mileage-makers in the sport. Pick any family sled in the line and you are almost guaranteed good to excellent fuel efficiency.
'82 Chrysler Sno-runnerCHRYSLER SNO-RUNNER

You won’t break any speed records with this “snow-bike” from the Lee lacocca stables, but it will give you 30- plus mpg from its diminutive 134cc engine.

'82 Ski-Doo Citation

Ski-Doo Citation models utilize a very efficient 368cc Rotax powerplant that rates a SNOW GOER “star” rating. A new, bigger bore, low rpm engine, the 368 Rotax is a vast improvement over the engines supplying motive force — and fuel-eating potential— to the late Olympique series which never cracked our 20-plus mpg barrier. Again, this series from Bombardier, regardless of model designation, seems readily capable of above average fuel efficiency.


Not much has ever been written about this Russian-built snowmobile (and we’ll continue in the tradition), but in unofficial economy tests this 826 pound vehicle impressed us not only with its cast-iron construction but with its economy of operation from its 619cc, single cylinder air-cooled Muskovich motor. At speeds in excess of 15 mph, the Muskovichski demonstrated a rare ability to top 25 mpg while traveling beneath the snow (flotation from the heavy, iron- tracked sled is marginal). Not a machine for everyone, and not yet available outside of Siberia, the bulky, tractor-like sled deserves a “star” rating on fuel efficiency alone. It has no other redeeming features.(no picture available from archives)

Over 40

1980 Polaris Gemini — 44.0

1979 Arctic Jag 2000 — 43.0


Over 35

1981 Deere Trailfire 440 — 35.2

1978 Arctic Jag 3000 — 36.3

Over 30

1982 Deere Trailfire LX — 33.4

1981 Arctic Jag 4000 — 31.5

1981 Chrysler Sno-Runner — 31.2

Over 25

1982 Deere Sportfire 440 — 28.7

1982 Polaris Cutlass SS — 28.6

1981 Polaris Cutless SS — 29.8

1981 Arctic Pantera 500 — 26.3

1980 Deere Spitfire 340 — 29.3

1980 Arctic Trail Cat 340 — 27.1

1980 Deere Trailfire 340 — 25.1

1980 Yamaha Enticer 340 Deluxe — 25.1

1979 Deere Trailfire — 28.6

1979 Yamaha Enticer 300 — 25.3

1978 Deere Spitfire 340 — 25.3

1978 Yamaha Enticer 250 — 27.4

Over 20

1982 Mote-Ski Mirage II 368 — 22.29

1982 Ski-Doo MX 500cc — 22.29

1982 Ski-Doo Nordik 368 — 21.2

1982 Yamaha SR-V 540 — 21.12

1982 Yamaha SS 440 — 21.1

1981 Kawasaki Drifter 340 — 22.5

1981 Moto-Ski Mirage SpI 368cc — 20.9

1981 Polaris TX-C 440 — 20.9

1981 Ski-DooCitation 4500 — 21.6

1980 Moto-Ski Mirage 368cc — 23.5

1980 Ski-Doo Citation SS — 23.2

1980 Kawasaki Drifter 340 FA — 22.6

1980 Arctic Panther 440 — 22.0

1980 Scorpion Whip 440 — 22.0

1980 Ski-Doo Everest LC — 22.0

1979 Scorpion Sting 440 — 24.6

1979 Polaris Centurion 500 — 22.9

1979 Ski-Doo Blizzard 5500 — 22.2

1979 Yamaha Enticer 340 — 22.6

1979 Polaris Apollo 340 — 21.2

1978 Deere Liquifire 440 — 23.9

1978 Yamaha Exciter 440 — 21.5

1978 Polaris TX 340 — 21.5

1977 Arctic Jag — 23.8

1977 Ski-Doo TNT — 21.5

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