Where other Sport machines have gone black and subtle, Arctic Cat has gone loud with its bright orange 2007 Arctic Cat Z 570.

The machine comes in several versions, the most sporty being the standard Z 570. Pricewise, it’s at the lower end of the sleds we tested — save an additional $100 on the SuperSport. There’s also not much that’s changed on this machine the past few years, so this machine is really a sleeper in terms of the amount of power and performance you’ll get for the buck.

The engine is a Suzuki-built 565cc fan-cooled engine with an estimated 62.5hp output. It’s the upgraded 570 Gen II model, which was created to reduce emissions. The engine is a solid runner, complete with the fan-cooled whine.

The 2007 Arctic Cat Z 570 is old-school Cat. Much like the Polaris 500 XC SP, this is a sit-down sled. Stand for the big bumps, but that’s it. For some, there will be comfort and familiarity in the old style. For most, though, it will just be nostalgic or retro.

Expect to feel a typical Cat-like floaty feeling when riding the 2007 Arctic Cat Z 570. There’s a certain disconnect with the ground when on this machine. The sled weighs 463 pounds, so we’re quite sure that gravitational pull keeps it on the snow. It’s a feel that riders will get used to after a bit, as it still sticks to the corners and travels flat. It’s just an odd, hovering sensation.

The front suspension is the AWS V double-wishbone setup that uses hydraulic twin-tube shocks. Travel is 8.4 inches. In back, it’s the FastTrack Long Travel system, again with the hydraulic twin-tube shocks. Travel is 13.5 inches.

2007 Arctic Cat Z 570

Price = $5,399 (2007)

Report Card

Ride = B, decent ride for the buck

Handling = B, predictable but a bit disconnected

Engine = A-, solid and now cleaner-burning

Looks = B+, you won’t lose it in a snowstorm


Happy-go-lucky and willing to give anything a try

On its iPod:

One song: Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin

Bonus Features:


Hooked handlebars, Quiet Track technology

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