2014 Ski-Doo Skandic WT ACE 600

The Skandic WT series has a narrower footprint than the Skandic SWT. Designed for hard-working durability, its Synchromesh transmission has two forward gears, one reverse gear and neutral. Other features include large-capacity under-seat storage, tow hitch, 12-volt power outlet and massive 23-inch windshield for the ultimate in protection from the elements. The LTS strut suspension and smooth bellypan help the machine glide over deep snow, and of course, the articulating rear suspension improves maneuverability over uneven terrain, especially in reverse.

PRICE: $10,299

ENGINE: 600cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, two cylinder



FRONT SUSPENSION: LTS, Motion Control shocks, 6 inches of travel

REAR SUSPENSION: SC-5U, Motion Control and HPG shocks, 14 inches of travel

TRACK: 20x154x1.5-inch, N/A

UNIQUE FEATURE: The eDrive 2 drive clutch on the 2014 Skandic WT ACE 600 is engineered for longer service life and quick response.

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