1972 Alouette Eliminator 440

Featherweight Corporation has cut its Alouette models in half, concentrating on family machines with Kohler engines and sport machines powered by Sachs. The parent corporation, Bangor Punta, has discontinued the Starcraft line for 1972, and the Escort and Eliminator brand names have been commandeered by Alouette for the new season.

All sleds carry a jazzy new red color, dual taillights, reflective side stripes, restyled windshields and wider skis. All models are wired for electric start and a kill switch is standard.

The family machines come in two sizes. The Escort 295 rides on a 15-inch track, powered by a 292cc Kohler, while the Venture 440 has an 18-inch track and 431cc Kohler. Three Eliminator models in the sport series are available for the new season with Sachs engines, ranging from 291 up to 437 cc’s. They’re all twins, and prices range from $895 to $1,195 on the five Alouette models. Weights vary from 340 to 385 lbs., and slide suspensions are available through local dealers. Speedometers and tachometers are factory-installed options on all models.

The SNOW GOER staff rode both the Venture 440 as well as the sporty Eliminator 440 in Utah. Even though the Venture’s 18-inch track was somewhat more stable during tight turns and side-hill maneuvers, the Eliminator’s 15-inch track stuck in there good and tight.

Excellent underseat storage was found in both sleds. Other features on target for ‘72 include a multi-layer dense foam seat for more comfort and access to the engine and gas tank via easy-to-reach rubber latches. All three Eliminator sport models for ‘72 offer a new standard rider safety seat strap. The Alouettes have plenty of leg room. The clutch guard is of 16-gauge steel and the Venture family model has a good back support.

All models except the Escort have disc brakes and the Salsbury clutch. An all welded, unitized steel chassis is designed to provide added strength for all requirements. More features for ‘72 include flex ease ball joint steering, three-point track support, and contoured throttle for more precise speed control.

Once the Kohler and Sachs engines we warmed up, they were dependable performers at the high altitudes near Park City. The Venture wide track was used extensively as a staff workhorse day after day without failure. Alouette is classy and sassy with both dependable family and sport machines.

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    I raced a starcraft racinging sno mobile in a 100 mile race in rome city in. 1971.I was 16 yrs. old at the time I raced it for starcraft at the time. it was a 420 something or a 650 something cant remember.it was a free air engine with tillison carbs full expanshion chambers. clocked at a little over 90 mph when qualifing. was way out in the leed untill the rear of the left ski busted a hole in the oil bathed chain case.( the track was really rough0 and broke the triple row chain. i know it was a prototype just wonder where it went. i know it went back to elkhart in. starcraft hedquartes at the time. everyone says iam crazy but i know what i raced that day. was it a alouette painted starcraft yellow? someone know anything sure would help .thanks.


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