Will FI Twin Trackers Again Lead The Way In Oval Racing?

Are twin-trackers coming back to lead the way in snowmobile oval racing?

          That possibility was the source of much talk and debate on the Ovals message board here on snowgoer.com for much of the early winter, and now it sounds like it’s one step closer to reality.

          An organization called the Pacific Group Inc. sent out a press release this week announcing the Formula I SuperSled Twin Track Race Series, which it says will debut in December of 2012. The press release in its entirety is posted below.

          Will it happen? Is it truly the key to future success for snowmobile racing? Or are other ideas (like those floated by John Hooper on the same Ovals message board) more likely to grow the sport? All good questions. Now, here’s that press release:

Pacific Group Inc. Announces Ownership in Re-Envisioned Formula One SuperSled Twin-Track Race Series

TORONTO, CANADA – Pacific Group Inc. officially announced the organization of F1 Properties Inc., and its new competitive motorsports property, the Formula One SuperSled Series.

         With a planned on-track debut of December 2012 the Formula One SuperSled series is designed to be a high profile ice oval racing series for the industry. Formula 1 twin tracks were a thrilling and competitive class of ice oval racing in the 1980s and 90s and the new Formula One SuperSled series is set to re-envision the successful racing platform, bringing marketability back into the world of professional oval track snowmobile racing.

         “One of the focal points to the new series will be the “PHX-001’ F1 SuperSled,” stated Shawn Thompson CEO of Pacific Group and new President of F1 Properties Inc. “This new machine has been designed to be the most exotic, and competitive twin-track built to date.”

         As part of the new sled’s re-engineering from the ground up, the new design includes a competitive engine package, chassis and new state-of-the-art body for the top teams and manufacturers moving over into the series.

         “The F1 SuperSled has already attracted Fortune 500 corporations into the series looking to team sponsorship,” stated Nicole Norris, VP of marketing. She added, “With the cost of high level auto racing today going into multiple 7 figure digits, the F1 SuperSled Series offers the ability for corporations to capture brand in-focus time, on the premier TV networks, at a fraction of the cost, and during the off-season.” Series sponsorship has also been secured with an announcement planned later in the year, as the new PHX-001 SuperSled vendors complete the prototype for team tests.

          With limited details being released, sources at Pacific have also confirmed the series will include current Champ 440 eligibility to compete in the F1 SuperSled Series, and international television in addition to lucrative race purses with race team show money and key events that resurrect fan loyal locations. The goal is to make the F1 SuperSled Series possible for teams and promoters to successfully attract sponsors and industry leaders with a premiere marketing opportunity.

          “Already we have support from top teams and major industry players promising to make the starting-line in 2012 an impressive series launch,” added Thompson. “We have taken great care in creating a competitive and marketable package that fans, racers and sponsors will gravitate towards.” For more information on the F1 SuperSled Series, including team participation and strategic sponsorship programs contact nnorris@pacificgroupcompanies.com or 416.646.6607.

2 thoughts on “Will FI Twin Trackers Again Lead The Way In Oval Racing?

  • Avatar for Kirk thielen

    People can not relate with twin trackers.It about kill oval racing before.They need to stay with the current champsleds only require standard looking hoods that at least resemble the repective make.People especially youngsters still root for manufactures.Sorry Dave.PJ,shultz,moyle,and nick all had great looking sleds.


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