Copper Peak Hillclimb Registration Deadline

Every winter 30 of the Top Snowmobile Hillclimbers in the Midwest compete in the Copper Peak Championship Snowmobile Hillclimb. This years hillclimb will take place on Saturday, February 14th, 2009. Those that took part in the competition last year are given the first right to compete this year.

“However those that did compete last year and want to take on the hill again this year will have to register by December 30th, 2008,” stated MASTERS President Skip Schulz. MASTERS, which stands for Mid America Snowmobile Tournament of Expert Riders, is the sanctioning organization for the hillclimb. According to Schulz, they always have more people interested in competing then time allows for the event. ¬†

“When you only have one day to get all the qualifying runs in, and still run the Pro Stock and Pro Mod King of the Hill, you have to limit how many drivers can compete,” replied Schulz. The MASTERS does allow for first time hillclimbers to compete in the trophy Sport Division. Unlike the Pro Drivers that have to go around the 3 gates, the Sport Division drivers run straight up the hill.

The 2009 Copper Peak Championship Hillclimb will qualify the Pro Stock and Pro Mod King of the Hill winners, along with the ‘runner-ups’ for the World Championship Hillclimb at Jackson, Wyoming. The Jackson Snow-Devils that runs the World Championship’s have extended the amount of entries to the MASTERS Circuit.

Mike Fraki of Atlantic Mine, Wyler “Wild Man” Miller of Pelkie, Paul Voelker of Laurium and Matt “Tinger” Tingstad of Bessemer have represented Copper Peak at the World Championship’s in the past. Miller won his second Pro Stock King of the Hill last year. Matt Tingstad took the 2008 Copper Peak Pro Mod King of the Hill. Each driver took home $1000 for winning the King of the Hill, in addition to the cash purse they won for winning their respective class.

To register for the 2009 Copper Peak Championship Snowmobile Hillclimb, e-mail Schulz at, or send in your name, address and the classes you plan on running too:  MASTERS, Copper Peak, 610 Greenland Road, Ontonagon, MI 49953. After December 30th, the MASTERS will open registration up to fill the remaining 30 positions.

“We have already received numerous registrations,” concluded Schulz.

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