Slydog Real Cool Bogey Wheel

The unique design of Slydog Real Cool Bogey Wheels makes them one of the most intriguing products available for a sled, so we got a set for our 2008 Yamaha Phazer RTX demo sled last winter.

Their claim to fame is that the fan-blade construction draws in air and snow to keep the hyfax cooler and extend hyfax life. This sounds like an idea that could work, but without a high tech temperature-sensing system, there’s no way to positively say that our Phazer’s hyfax ran cooler than with the stock wheels. We found other reasons to like them.

Slydog’s Real Cool wheels are made strictly from ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) plastic, the same material that’s used for snowmobile skis and other goods that need to be tough. The all-plastic construction means there’s no rubber that could delaminate and it improves the efficiency through less roll resistance against the rubber track.

We like the unique style of the wheel and the black, blue and white Urban Camo color scheme on our sample. The wheels are well-built and they proved to be durable with a relatively clean finish. Edges of some of the blades were ragged with fine UHMW “hairs,” but the wheels otherwise seemed to be manufactured to high standards.

Real Cool wheels include a bearing and start at $45, which is about how much you’ll pay for a wheel assembly from Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo or Yamaha. If you want to give your sled’s suspension a custom look with a durable wheel, get a hold of Slydog.

Real Cool Bogey Wheels

Finish: 1.7/2

Durability: 2/2

Style: 2/2

Price: 2/2

Fun Factor: 2/2

Total: 9.7/10


Arlington, S.D.


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