Hester’s Kitty Lift For The Arctic Cat Kitty Cat

I recently purchased a 1997 Arctic Cat Kitty Cat for my son to learn to ride snowmobiles. To my surprise, there wasn’t much learning needed — the kid was a natural. But what he did need was to be able to travel through deeper snow without getting stuck. After researching on the internet, I ordered the Deep Snow Kit from Don Hester. I soon found out that this kit is what every kid needs to make his or her Kitty Cat mow through deep snow.

The $160 Deep Snow Kit raises the machine 4 inches from stock for less drag, and it widens the ski stance for more stability. Another bonus is that it improves snow evacuation and allows better track penetration because the tunnel doesn’t “high-center” if the vehicle travels over powder snow.

The kit includes spindle extensions, track mounting plates and hardware; all of the parts seem durable and high quality. I installed the kit in less than one hour and the job required minimal mechanical ability. No alterations to existing mounts were necessary.

Since installing the Deep Snow Kit, my son has ridden a bazillion laps around his backyard “racetrack” without getting stuck, and he’s moved to a larger area now that he can travel at will without getting hung up in untracked snow. No longer do I have to follow behind to lift or move the sled.

This kit not only allows parents to relax while watching their kids tear up the fresh powder, kids spend less time waiting for mom or dad to dig them out and more time honing their riding skills.

Arctic Cat Kitty Cat Deep Snow Kit

Value 1.7/2

Traction 2/2

Installation 2/2

Quality 1.8/2

Appearance 1.8/2

Total 9.3/10

Dan Hester

Clarkson, MI


2 thoughts on “Hester’s Kitty Lift For The Arctic Cat Kitty Cat

  • Avatar for Craig Phillips

    I called the number and it’s not Dan Hester, it’s some other company and I could not understand the Indian person talking. Can you please confirm what the number is?

    • Avatar for John Prusak

      Honestly, we have no idea what became of Mr. Hester and his kitty cat kits. That story is just short of 20 years old — and our google searches today came up dry in trying to find him.


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