Sportech Speedguard Handguards

Sportech hooked us up with a set of its rugged-looking PC Series Speedguards and a matching REV windshield. The guards and windshield featured a bright-chrome diamond plate finish that looked real at first glance. Sizes of the aftermarket parts were nearly the same as pieces from the Ski-Doo factory.

Like the stock guards, the Sportech handguards block the cold wind to help prevent fingers from turning into Popsicles. They also protected our hands from debris like airborne chunks of ice and rocks or low branches.

Sportech says the handguards and windshield are bullet proof. We didn’t test that claim with a Winchester, but the parts made it through more than 1,000 test miles without a hitch.

Installation was a breeze. It took 15 minutes and a wrench, socket and Allen wrench to swap out the handguards and their metal mounts.

Three plastic reusable rivets held the windshield in place. Fortunately, we didn’t have to drill holes in the windshield or the sled because the windshield’s pre-stamped mounting holes were in the right spot.

Once the guards were bolted on, we tweaked their position on the handlebars to make sure they cleared the windshield when turning the bars from lock to lock.

Hardware stayed tight and kept the guards right where we set them. The windshield looked like new when we removed it at the end of the season.

The black trim along the topedge stayed put and the chrome finish stayed in tact without peeling or fading.

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