Splitweight Tek-Top Pullover

Whenever I do something physical, I sweat — a lot. Winters before last when I’d wear layers under my TekVest, my shirts would be damp after a ride, to say the least. But when I wore my Splitweight Tek-Top Pullover last season, my stomach and back stayed cooler, which meant less sweat and more comfort.

The half-zip Splitweight Tek-Top Pullover is a dual-weight, mid-layer garment made especially for snowmobilers who wear a protective vest. The black material through the midsection and mid-back is a lightweight layer that’s covered by the protective vest. The chest, arms and upper back, which have minimal protection from the vest, are made of a windproof/breathable/stretchy material. This dual-weight design provides a better upper body temperature balance while snowmobiling with the extra layer of body protection.

Granted, the Splitweight wasn’t a miracle worker: I still broke a sweat during spirited rides, but the garment dried within about 20 minutes thanks to its moisture-wicking material through the mid-section. The size large shirt was a perfect fit for my 155 pounds spread across a 5-foot, 9-inch frame. It hung low enough to stay tucked in my riding pants but didn’t bunch up under my vest.

The pullover held up exceptionally well, and that says a lot because I wore this piece during most of my 4,000 miles riding last winter, and I washed it after every trip. The zippers slide smoothly, the materials still look nice and the sewn seams held together, except for the cuffs where each side’s seam split about one inch. The Tek-Top Pullover retails for $89.95, but I found it on the company’s website for $69.95. At that price, TekVest wearers can’t go wrong.

Fit: 2/2

Comfort: 2/2

Function: 1.7/2

Styling: 1.9/2

Durability: 1.6/2

Total: 9.2/10

R.U. Outside

Driggs, Idaho.



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