PRESS RELEASE: Zbroz Racing Relocating To New Building In Logan, Utah


LOGAN, UTAH (July 11, 2014 ) — Zbroz Racing announced today it would be moving to a new location in Logan, Utah. The location is a block away from its current location but it will be closer to the highway and allow an easy access for visitors. The workshop and office space will serve as the company’s local base of operations. On July 25th an open house will be offered to the public from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The need for a larger facility has become more pressing for Zbroz Racing because of the increase in products and sales. As their product population grows, it caused a growth in staff and inventory that meant Zbroz Racing was in need for a newer and bigger building.

“From a small accessory building 13 years ago that was 15 by 20 feet to now a 8,000 square-foot manufacturing facility with 11 employees. We couldn’t be more excited about the success we have had the past 13 years and look forward to what the future has in store for Zbroz Racing,” said owner Nate Zollinger.

Zbroz Racing states the new Logan location at 695 West 1700 South Bldg. 29 Suite 102 will have everyone under one roof. There are offices for the marketing and sales team and a show room for the public. We have the ArsFX fabrication team on the ground level toward the back of the facility and Exit Shocks on most of the second floor.

About Zbroz Racing
Founded in 1998, Zbroz Racing stands short for a group of brothers — the Zollinger Brothers; Nate, Lance, Ryan and Anthony. The Zollingers learned quickly the demand and need for a better suspension that was needed to reach the riders’ full racing potential. Zbroz Racing specializes in the niche market of Snowmobile Shocks, ATV Shocks and UTV Shocks. Our motivation and experience is rooted in racing. We continue to enjoy all forms of off-road racing and Nate still competes as a member of the Arctic Cat hill climb team. There is no better testing ground for snowmobile shocks, ATV shocks and UTV shocks than the racetrack. This allows us to have our products tested extensively, ensuring we provide our customers with the very best product available today.

For more information about the new Zbroz Racing location, visit or call 435/753-7774.

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