Idaho-Montana Land Use Plan Bans Snowmobiles

Land throughout Idaho, Montana and elsewhere across the U.S. is in a constant state of flux for snowmobilers as a result of different land use decisions.

In a land use decision that has potentially wide-reaching implications for the snowmobile community, Federal officials have released a plan that would limit snowmobile access throughout popular riding regions along the northern Idaho and Montana borders.

The Great Burn is an area located along the Idaho-Montana border that spans more than 391 square miles and has no roads. Known for its views of nature and challenging riding terrain, it’s become a popular destination for both snowmobiling and other recreational vehicle enthusiasts.

But an instituted plan would place a moratorium on snowmobiles in the Great Burn wilderness area.

“I recognize that in affirming the decision to keep the (recommended wilderness areas) closed to motorized use, except for Fish Lake Trail in the summer, I am affecting a growing snow machine user group looking for rugged, backcountry riding,” said Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest Supervisor Cheryl Probert, according to the Lewiston Tribune. “My decision is rooted in the Forest Plan direction to protect wilderness character and future designation.”

As a part of the decision, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles will continue to be permitted to travel to Fish Lake on a limited basis.

Essentially snowmobiles are out, but summer recreational vehicles are still in.

Representing the Idaho State Snowmobile Association, Sandra Mitchell stood in opposition to the proposed restrictions.

With a lack of evidence proving legitimate wildlife concerns, Mitchell sees the ban as frivolous. Accordingly, there have been relatively few conflicts with the snowmobile community in the past to warrant such a restrictive proposal.

An area that has been the center of debate in the past, in 2012 a Travel Management Plan was challenged through lawsuits alleging it was too lenient on motorized vehicles that could possibly endanger elk habitats. It was later ruled the agency had failed to study how motorized vehicles impacted elk habitation.

3 thoughts on “Idaho-Montana Land Use Plan Bans Snowmobiles

  • Avatar for Glen Mallory

    Looks like the totalitarian anti motor regime depicted in Rush’s song “The Red Barchetta” is well along in it’s development.

  • Avatar for Carmen Duquette

    Better nip this in the butt, you know where this is going. So far we have been pretty lucky up here in Canada, but we don’t want this catching on. Hope all works out for our Southerly neighbors.

  • Avatar for Bruce Bryant

    These left Wing Loons know nothing about snowmobiles. All they care about is no gasoline vehicles of any type. They have spent to much time in college learning from other liberal types. Time to fight back , do not give in even a little bit. Take a lesson from the NRA and refuse to give into them. They are mostly Snow Flakes.


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