10 Interesting Sleds From The 2018 Waconia Ride-In Vintage Event

The annual Waconia Ride-in event in Waconia, Minnesota, promotes itself as “the world’s largest antique, vintage and classic snowmobile event,” and it rarely fails to live up to that billing every January. 

It certainly didn’t this past weekend, when nearly 1,000 snowmobiles from the bygone days were scattered throughout a broad area of land and on the frozen ice of Lake Waconia in a distant southwestern suburb of Minneapolis. There were old sleds in various forms on display, racing, buzzing back-and-forth across the lake, tucked inside a building, scattered throughout the swap meet and everywhere else. It all happened in a festive atmosphere, despite the fact that plans for trail riding on the old iron was seriously hampered by a nearly 50 degree day on Friday, January 26, the first day of the event. 

The event also has snowmobile memorabilia on display and for sale, various competitions, silent and live auctions and much more. The featured sled brand this year was Mercury, so the grounds were littered with Sno-Twisters and Trail Twisters as well as Marks, Hurricanes, Rockets and more. But, as happens every year, there are always tons of others sleds from other brands found at Waconia – obviously a lot of Yamaha, Arctic Cat, Polaris and Ski-Doo sleds, but also some more forgotten brands. Here are 10 of the sleds that caught our eyes in the outdoor display. We’ll continue to post photos of sleds from Waconia in batches of 10 as the week continues.  Here’s a link to Tuesday’s post. 


Leisure Diplomat snowmobile
This Leisure Design Ltd. Diplomat and its gold metal flake paint job originated from Excelsior, Minnesota, not more than 20 miles from Waconia. It’s currently owned by John Vaughan.


Sno Pac Pacer snowmobile
Green Bay Packers fans loved seeing this Sno Pac Pacer in green and gold.


loud snowmobile
There’s always a Loud Snowmobile Contest at the event, and this machine is customized with Loud in mind. And, yes, those are footballs.


Polaris RXL custom
The Customs segment of the show always has some interesting builds… HAve you ever seen a Polaris RXL quite like this one?!
Diablo Rouge
There were several Diablo Rouge two-part snowmobiles on the grounds, including this one curiously parked near the oval racing track.


1966 Snow Cruiser
This 1966 Snow Cruiser was put on display by Aaron Abey.



1966 Snoscoot
We were pleased to see a 1966 Snoscoot 613 on the grounds, as it was featured by our own David Wells in the Flashback section of the October 2017 issue of Snow Goer magazine.


Sno Blazer
While looking at the single-ski Sno-Blazer, we overheard one man talk about how, for a short period, he was a dealer for the vehicles, made by Fun Seasons Inc. out of Minneapolis.


Columbia Track Master
The Track Master from Columbia came in blue for 1972.


Riverside Caribou
The baby-blue hood on an otherwise yellow chassis looked odd, but this is how it came from Montgomery Ward with its Riverside Caribou line.

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