World Championship Field, In Pictures & With Odds

Here’s a true look at the front row qualifier for the World Championship final, in pictures and with their odds as printed on the Snow Goer Tip Sheet.

Malcolm Chartier
Malcolm Chartier is the defending champion and the favorite to repeat after Friday’s racing in Eagle River. He didn’t race on Saturday, so we had to resort to this somewhat crappy night shot!


Ryan Kniskern
Ryan Kniskern won his heats and the semi final, and is really fast. 3-1 odds to win.


Matt Schulz
Matt Schulz has the speed, but said Saturday afternoon that he’s having handling problems with his sled. 4-1 odds.



Cardell Potter
Cardell Potter might have his fastest sled this year, but this field is very deep, so he’s set at 9-1 odds.
Gary Moyle
Gary Moyle has been getting faster all weekend and is our 4-1 odds racer for the final.



Jordan Wahl
Jordan Wahl finished second last year, and appears to be Polaris’ best chance. 5-1 odds.



Nick Van Strydonk
Nick Van Strydonk won in 2012 but his sled is having trouble getting rolling. A bad start could doom this former champ, but his crew will spend the night trying to find the problem. 6-1 odds.















Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson is the third member of the Wahl Bros. Racing team that is overdue for a victory. 8-1 odds.
Dustin Wahl
Dustin Wahl (74) has won pretty much everywhere else, but has yet to win the World Championship at Eagle River. 8-1 odds.


Joey Fjerstad
Joey Fjerstad competes in multiple forms of racing, but he’s had back luck here on the Derby track. He’s a 10-1 longshot, yet he’s very fast and very talented. That says something about this field.

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