Watercross Season Begins, As Does New Snowmobile Racing Challenge Game

Just because the grass is growing and the kids are out of school doesn’t mean that the fun of snowmobile racing has to cease. To the contrary, perhaps the most fun form of snowmobile racing — for the participants and spectators alike — is kicking off its 2014 season.

The International Watercross Association (IWA) circuit is firing up its six-stop season June 7-8 in Moose Lake, Minnesota, promising a summer and early fall filled with fun weekends, close competition and good times.  To help celebrate, snowgoer.com is kicking off its own new season of the Snowmobile Racing Challenge game, where fellow snowmobilers and/or race fans get to guess the finishing order of the events and gain points based on the actual finishing order of the races.

For the uninitiated, watercross weekends are a hoot. They feature athletes not justing crossing the water on their otherwise non-floating devices, there are also oval competitions where the racers run lap-after-lap around buoys on an ever-changing track. With each passing lap, the race course gets more and more rough as the speeding sleds create waves with their wakes. If a racer hits a wave wrong, slows to too low of a speed or has a mechanical issue with his or her sled, the vessel sinks to the bottom of the lake — to the thrill of the hooting and hollering crowd. It’s great fun.

Also fun is the fantasy-sports-based Snow Goer Fantasy Racing Challenge game. To play, participants choose from a menu of competitors in the Pro Open ovals class, picking five racers who they their will be up front at the end of the weekend, and then placing them in order one through five. The player then gets points based upon the actual finish of the race competition. It’s very easy to play, it’s free and participants can gain prizes based on the points they gain. To play, click here.

Need some insight before making your predictions? Visit the IWARacing.com website to see last year’s results and point standings for the Pro Open class.

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    The snowgoer fantasy Watercross will reconnize weekly winners with small prize packages…. I have won two out of the 3 races and have the highest points from GrAntsburg and for the Season… I have not seen any prizes???


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