VIDEO: The Fascinating Life Of HOF Photographer Wayne Davis

Wayne Davis

Maybe you don’t know Wayne Davis personally, but if you are into snowmobiling you have most assuredly seen his incredible work.

Davis’ photography has been featured on literally hundreds of snowmobile magazine covers over the years – including virtually every cover of Snow Goer since its relaunch in 1990 and, well before and also after that, covers of Snowmobile Magazine and Snow Week. He’s also done countless factory photo shoots over the years – which results in his awesome photos ending up in brochures, catalogs, ads, billboards and much more. Those cool lifestyle shots that the manufacturers work on together to promote the sport to this day? Yeah, those are his, too!

Wayne was also at all of the top snowmobile races for decades, he shot countless product shots for aftermarket companies and, to this day, he has a streak of shooting our action shots at 40 straight Rode Reports testing events. If you see an action shot in Snow Goer of our team riding any new sled, he took it. Beyond that, he’s also photographed tons of other things – including a ton of ATVs, UTV, PWC, motorcycles, boats and hunting equipment for our company, and everything imaginable for other people with his Wayne Davis Photography business.

Snowmobile photography, though, is his big passion because it is through snowmobiling and snowmobile racing that he found photography. In this video interview on Snow Goer Live, learn how an unfortunate crash in a race in 1981 led to his photography career – and a place in the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame. As it says in his Hall of Fame bio, “Wayne’s work has captured and preserved the joy and excitement that is snowmobiling and snowmobile racing for future generations. He has been knocked down, run over, caught in avalanches, lost in whiteouts and suffered frozen fingers, but keeps coming back with a smile. His passion for snowmobiling shows in his integrity and professionalism.”


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