Photographer Wayne Davis Among 2011 Hall Of Fame Class

Longtime Snow Goer photographer Wayne Davis, former racer, writer and collecter Les Pinz, grassroots organizer Bill Manson and Bombardier veteran Gordy Radtke will be inducted into the International Snowmobile Hall Of Fame this fall as the Class of 2011.
The class will be formally inducted the weekend of September 16-18 in Eagle River, Wisconsin, at a gathering that will include the Hall of Fame ceremony, the Derby Track “Reunion” vintage show, grass drags and swap meet and other festivities involving the Snowmobile World Headquarters museum.
Davis, 54, started in snowmobiling as a trail rider and racer who just happened to have photography as a hobby. After a crash in 1981 that left him with two broken arms, Davis began spending more time beside the track with his camera, and that led to his storied career. He has shot new model and accessory photography for three of the four manufacturers, and has been the exclusive staff photographer for Snow Goer, Snowmobile and Snow Week magazines dating back to the mid 1980s. In fact, he has shot virtually every cover image of Snow Goer since it was re-launched in 1990 and has been a staple at major races even longer.
Here’s the rest of the press release from the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame:
Four new members will be inducted into the Hall. They will join 84 previously inducted snowmobilers into this prestigious Hall which was founded in 1984.
Being inducted are:
Wayne Davis from Minneapolis, MN . Wayne’s photography has captured the joy and essence of snowmobiling for over 30 years. It helps that Wayne is an avid snowmobiler himself and that enthusiasm shows in his photos that can be seen in magazines, on billboards and on television. His passion for the sport shows in his photos.
Bill Manson from Rockford, MI. Bill has been the voice and source of guidance for snowmobiling in Michigan since 1982. He has been instrumental in the creation and administration of numerous programs and trail developments and currently serves as Executive Director of the Michigan Snowmobile Association.
Les Pinz from Isle, MN. Les can count 46 years of active snowmobile enthusiasm. Starting as a teen at his father’s dealership, first Les raced, winning numerous honors on the track. Following that, he got involved in the club, county and state levels of organized snowmobiling. His collection of sleds numbers well over 100. His joy now is educating others about the history of the sport.
Gordon Radtke from Wausau, WI. Gordy has spent a lifetime with Bombardier in their service department. Also and avid snowmobiler, his knowledge of the product and service has earned him the distinction of being the “go-to” person for dealers and magazine editors.

International Snowmobile Groomer of the Year
In this category, there are three groomer operators who have been nominated by their respective state snowmobile associations. These are the unsung heroes that volunteer their time and energy to create the smooth trails we ride. They are:
Ron Benson from Timron, CO nominated by the Colorado Snowmobile Association.
Wayne Aune from Fairdale, ND nominated by the North Dakota Snowmobile Association
Gary Hilgendorf from Tomahawk, WI nominated by the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs.
The International Snowmobile Club of the Year will be awarded to the Trailmates Snowmobile Club of Wausau, WI. This club, which has 168 very active volunteer families, was organized in 1968, grooms 80 miles of local trails, has their own groomer shed and clubhouse, partners with over a dozen charities and puts on Wisconsin’s largest grass drag race every fall to start the new season.

World Championship Snowmobile
Derby Hall of Fame

Last we the first ten winners of the World Championship Race were inducted. For this year the class of 2011 will induct the next thirteen winners. These are the drivers from 1976 through 1992 and are:
Ed Schubitzke, Steve Thorsen, Bob Elsner, Jacques Villeneuve, Brad Hulings, Jim Dimmerman, Michael Gingras, Chuck Decker, Bobby Donahue, Bruce Vessair, Dave Wahl, Greg Goodwin and Gary Vessair. Most of these racers will be attending the weekend festivities that include the Reunion at the Derby Track with grass drags and a large show and swap meet. They will meet on Saturday afternoon at the Derby Track for photos and autographs.
All snowmobilers are invited to attend the weekend events. The inductions will be held at the Eagle River Inn the evening of September 17. For more information check the website at or call 800-746-8963.

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