Tekrider's Brand Offers A New Kind Of Protection

The founder and CEO of Tekrider, which includes Tekvest chest protectors, has volunteered for active duty in the Canadian Army.
Brand is a lieutenant colonel in the Canadian Army Reserve and is serving a six-month tour in the West African country of Sierra Leone. The tour of duty began in December 2003 and ends in June.
“The country is in need, and I’ve never had a chance to deploy,” Brand said.
Brand is a former commanding officer on the Toronto, Ontario-based infantry regiment The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, and an airborne infantry officer with more than 30 years experience. While in Sierra Leone, Brand will assist with training and advising the new Sierra Leonian Army, which has been in an 11-year civil war. This is Brand’s first deployment in his 33-year military career.
“It’s almost like a racer who’s been training to compete for 33 years and has never gone to the starting line,” he said.
During his tour, the Tekrider business will continue to operate with the help of Brand’s family.
“Sales may improve while I’m gone,” Brand said. “I gave that as a challenge. By the time I get back in June, I’ll know who is needed here the most.”
Brand has been involved in the snowmobile industry for several years. He spent many years at Bombardier, and as the snocross and cross-country race manager in the early 1990s, he helped work on Ski-Doo’s MX Z project. Upon leaving Bombardier, Brand formed Tekrider, which develops and manufactures upper body protective equipment for snowmobile, ATV and dirt bike riders.

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