Snowmobiling Lifestyle Captured In Reader Images

The beauty of winter is something that is not lost on snowmobile riders.

In fact, the unique charm of winter landscapes is captured by readers images in each issue of Snow Goer magazine. Since the magazine was re-launched in 1990, each issue has had a “What’s Hot/What’s Not” department featuring riders’ photos. Especially in the off-season, it’s a great way to keep the spirit of snowmobiling alive.

If you have snowmobiling photos you would like to share – whether you’d deem them “Hot” or “Not” – submit them to, and you may see your image in print!

Please limit submissions to two photos per person, and include your name and hometown with the submission. Send the photo as an attachment, and please note that low resolution images won’t reprint well in magazines. So, send us only your best!

Now that is seems everybody has a cell phone with them when they ride, there’s hardly an excuse not to be an amateur photographer. We know you’ve got some great snowmobiling memories tucked away on your phone’s storage. It’s time to share them with your fellow snowmobilers, and get them in print.

Without further adieu, here’s What’s Hot and What’s Not – as submitted by sledheads like you!

what's hot in snowmobiling
The perfect image at Pictured Rocks. (Submitted by Nick Baimakovich of Kauts, Indiana)
Classic-looking Christmas with snowmobile
A classic-looking Christmas with a 1969 Panther. (Submitted by Justin Paulsen of Isle, Minnesota)
Sunset snowmobile
ALMOST HOME “Our view crossing Lake Namakogan at the end of a 230-mile day.” (Submitted by Marty Meyer of Cedar Falls, Iowa)
deep snow for snowmobile
Buried in five feed of lake-effect snow. (Submitted by Greg Martin of Brantingham, New York)
Whats Hot Not by Horrigan
“If she keeps shaking that Doppler towner maybe we’ll get an accurate weather forecast?!” (Photo submitted by Donna Horrigan of East Otis, Massachusetts. Caption suggested by Greg Stevensii on the Snow Goer magazine Facebook page.)

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