Snow Club Spotlight: St. Stephens River Runners

The St. Stephens Rivers Runners grooming fleet

It’s a humble human trait to be grateful for what you have.

Although not located in an ideal backwoods or mountainous territory, it’s safe to say the St. Stephens River Runners snowmobile club makes the most of the the trails they have – celebrating and promoting the sport they love with a snowmobile club that offers a whole lot. 

What’s the best in-season club event or activity that makes membership fun?

We hold an annual member appreciation dinner and membership drive party called the Trail-Gaiting party where we kick off the snowmobile season with the trails opening. Members enjoy a dinner on the club, and we involve the public in trivia and games.

Last year we played a great game where two teams gave each other a tote filled with a complete set of snowmobile gear. Each team dressed a member in all of the gear, with the first team to dress the person using all items in the tote winning. No one knew what the outfit was until the tote is opened. It was a hilarious game!

In recent years we have also held our snowmobile raffle drawing the same evening. The raffle attracts a big crowd and always gains new members. This year’s winner will be announced on February 10, 2018, with the grand prize being a 2017 Ski-Doo. There are also nine cash prizes varying from $25 to $100. Tickets are $20, with a total of 800 sold.

Meetings are every Wednesday, September through April. 

What’s the best off-season club event or activity?

We have a summer BBQ at a club member’s lake cabin where we grill burgers and share everyone’s favorite dishes while catching up with each other. We handout the club clothing that members have earned by volunteering during the past season.

Besides safety training, does the club do anything to get and keep youth involved?

We understand that kids are the future of our club. All of the kids that volunteer for any event, from trail clean up to ditch clean up, receives $15 toward club clothing of their choice; this has been a great way to get kids involved.

One interesting thing the club does for the good of the sport is…

Free hot dogs and chili! We hold a Community Appreciation Day each year and we invite our trail landowners and the public to stop in and check out the groomer, enjoy the fire and play a game or two (but don’t forget the free hot dogs and Dave’s famous chili).

We are also working on expanding our trail system to include access to neighboring communities.

Established: 1969

Total Members: 31 (including family memberships)

Miles of Trails: 13

Rodney Welch, president, 320/363-1364
E-mail contact available via website


Editor’s note: We’re creating a new feature on snowmobile clubs for both our magazine and website. If you think your club is an interesting one that we should consider, please read more about the program here and then submit your information. 

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