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Photo submitted by Apple Country Snowmobile Club.

Located in central Washington state is a hard-working club that has been protecting and promoting snowmobiling in their region for almost 50 years.

                The Apple Country Snowmobile Club proudly puts its mission right out front on the group’s Facebook page description, which states: “The club exists to promote the sport of snowmobiling in the Wenatchee Valley, and to establish and provide marked and groomed trails within the Stemilt/Colockum area of Washington.”

                Like many great snowmobile club members across North America, the Apple Country folks work and play together. They protect their right to ride in areas when closures are threatened and also tend to an impressive 100 miles of snowmobile trails. In addition, they host engaging and entertaining meetings, rides and events.

Which brings us to the club’s other statement on Facebook: “Celebrating 48 years of keeping the trails smooth and the gates open!” Read on to learn more about this interesting club through the answers club members provided to our online survey, and then consider your own role in the grass-roots side of our sport.    

What is your best in-season club event or activity that makes membership fun?

“Our club is located on the Eastern side of the Cascade Mountains, which features great fluffy snow and beautiful scenery. Each year we organize club rides in our area. We cook a lot of hot dogs on those days! And, at least once per season, we caravan up and head out on a club ‘Snowfari.’ Sometimes those trips are in-state, other times they are out-of-state, and they are a great way to build lasting friendships.”

Photo submitted by Apple Country Snowmobile Club.

What’s your best off-season club event or activity?

“Our best off-season activity is the summer barbeque. We meet for a weekend camp-out, or just the day. The club provides steaks and the members bring the side dishes.”

What has been your club’s best means for finding new members?

“Attending snowmobile-related shows, and through our Facebook page. A recent land-use battle with non-motorized groups spurred membership, as people rallied to preserve access to our traditional riding areas.”

How do you make new members or prospective members feel welcomed into your club?

“By being friendly. We are in this to have fun and if people are laughing, at least a little, during our meetings or events then we are doing it right. All riders – from novice to expert – are welcomed, and we do not discriminate by brand, age, skill level or riding style. We have a beautiful riding area and love to show it to new riders.”  

Photo submitted by Apple Country Snowmobile Club.

Aside from safety training, does your club do anything to get/keep youth involved?

“Everything we do is family friendly – including meetings and rides – and youth are always welcomed. We have several member riders who are in their late teens, and a college-aged group, too. Our rides are designed to be fun for all experience levels. All of our groomed trails are wide and well-marked so new riders can be comfortable as they gain experience. We organize our rides by experience level so people are not pushed out of their comfort zone or bored.” 

One interesting thing that our club does for the good of the sport is…

“Preserving access for motorized recreation has been one of the biggest challenges. Our club has spent hundreds of hours working with local and state officials to keep our local trail system open.”

Photo submitted by Apple Country Snowmobile Club.



Apple Country Snowmobile Club

Wenatchee, Washington

Established: 1973

Total members: 75

Miles of groomed trails: 100

Contract: Apple Country Snowmobile Club on Facebook or

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