Sleddin' Season Still Active

The calendar might say May, but there are still several areas in the country where the snowmobile season is still going strong. If you haven’t had enough snow just yet, there are places to pull the rope for one more rip this season.
On April 28, Editor Tim Erickson got a taunting phone call from HMK’s Kirk Zack, on his way up the mountain for some spring riding. “We went last week, we’re going today and we’ll go out again next week,” he said.
In several parts of British Columbia, the huge snow from the past winter has created outstanding spring riding conditions in areas like Revelstoke and McBride.
We also heard about riders enjoying spring snow in the Snowy Mountains near Laramie, Wyoming, but what’s there is difficult to access and may not be there long.
The snow isn’t just in the West, however. We got an email saying riders are enjoying snow in Western Newfoundland. Photos on show pics from a weekend ride on April 28-29.

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