Ski-Doo's 440 Gets Refinements

The 2004 MX Zx 440 Liquid weighs 435 pounds — three pounds less than the 2003 version, thanks partially to a redesigned seat that has a narrower, more rounded profile.
The machine still uses the Rotax 437cc engine, but the 2004 model has an increased compression ratio, improved carb calibrations and other tweaks that should improve the machine’s launch off the line. Peak horsepower is at 8400 rpm with the engagement set at 5200 rpm.
Holeshot improvements include a pipe pre-heat switch, a TRA III drive clutch with a TEAM Industries driven. The chain has been made stronger by overlapping the plates farther.
The 121-inch-long track features dual-height lugs: The outer lugs are 1.75 inches tall and the inner lugs are 1.625 inches tall. Ski-Doo claims this will also improve holeshot performance.
Plus, internal/external drive sprockets will reduce weight and and help prevent the track from ratcheting.
The brake disc has more holes this season for better cooling.

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