Cold Tested: Ski-Doo Ergo Lateral Footplates

Ski-Doo footplate
Ski-Doo’s Ergo Lateral Footplates enclose the rider’s foot on REV Gen4 models.

Ski-Doo staffers must’ve known that some snowmobilers would balk at the company’s open foot wells that are part of the REV Gen4 chassis unveiled for model year 2017.

Upon the platform’s unveiling, company officials talked about a slew of accessories that would be available for the machines, including Ergo Lateral Footplates that we installed on our 2017 Renegade Adrenaline 850 demo sled this winter.

The bolt-on kit is designed for riders who, when powering through corners, push their feet against the outer wall of the foot wells, or else they simply desire a more locked-in feel. The footplates fill those needs.

The bottom of the running board’s rolled edge was premarked with two dimples to indicate where holes should be drilled. This was helpful, but two holes also had to be marked and drilled from the top of the rolled edge so screws could be dropped in and threaded into inserts that were to be inserted through the bottom holes.

Ski-Doo ergo lateral footplateLong story short: Since it was difficult to drill each respective hole so they were plumb – left-to-right and fore-aft – in relation to one another, we had to significantly enlarge each of the holes to bring the parts into alignment with each other and fasten the plates to the tunnel’s edges.

Some riders don’t push off very often so open foot wells aren’t a problem for them, but for others the accessory is a must-have. As anticipated for a straightforward accessory like this, the plates worked well, plus the cast aluminum pieces added a little flair. Throughout the season, some of our test riders just felt more comfortable and locked-in on our Renegade with the Footplates than they did on our MX Z X 850, which comes in the same chassis but on which we left the foot wells unmodified – and there were no more instances of flinging the outside foot out into space when cornering hard.

Now the accessories designers at Ski-Doo should find a way to ease the drilling process. The suggested retail price is $99.99.

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