Tested: Kimpex Connect Luggage Attachment System

Kimpex Connect
The two Kimpex Connect brackets (left and right) mounted to the top of the tunnel of our Yamaha. They serves as secure hosts to hold whatever add-on we attached.

Many touring sledheads in recent years have looked at their yellow-riding brethren and become red-faced with anger before turning green with envy. This smattering of colors occurred when folks saw Ski-Doo riders use quickly attachable bags and accessories on the back of their machines.

Some jealous Cat, Polaris and Yamaha riders even added aftermarket brackets to their sleds so they could utilize Ski-Doo’s LinQ system and luggage. However, they then faced the double-burden of (1) admitting to their Ski-Doo friends that the BRP system is good, and (2) using storage bags with Ski-Doo logos on their non-Ski-Doo sled.

       There’s a brand-new option available that could end the chaos. The Kimpex Connect from Quebec-based Kimpex is similar in that it starts with receiver brackets that affix to a snowmobile’s tunnel. It then utilizes special accessories that securely lock into those brackets.

       We attached the Kimpex Connect brackets to our 2021 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX last winter and found the system lived up to its promises, and now we’re eager to see how Kimpex expands the number of accessories that work with it.

       It starts with the host brackets. They’ll fit into the pre-marked LinQ locations on a modern Ski-Doo, and also have adapters to work with the tunnel-top channels on modern Polaris sleds. For Cats and Yamahas, though, you must drill fresh holes in the tunnel.

That process is easy but must be done carefully. First, you must plot exactly where the brackets will go so you don’t drill through a heat exchanger. Second, you must make sure the brackets are exactly across from one-another so accessories fit into the brackets as intended. To make it easier, Kimpex includes a paper template that you can place atop the tunnel to mark your spots before drilling the four, 13/32nd holes (two for each bracket).

Once the holes are drilled, the pieces fit in easily. Sturdy metal T-nuts come up through the bottom of the tunnel and go through a composite “protection bracket” that sits atop the tunnel. Then the actual base/attachment bracket goes above that, with M5 metal screws with a T25 Torx head threading through the top of that bracket and down into the T-nuts. A simple base bracket goes on one side of your tunnel, and the attachment bracket (which is larger and features a securing strap) goes opposite the base bracket. Instructions with pictures make the process clear.

Kimpex Connect bag
Once the brackets were in place, we could mount this Adventure Tunnel bag securely to our tunnel. After this photo, we just had to pull the black strap to the left to secure it. Notice the hole where a small lock could be added.

Things then get even easier using the Kimpex accessories that have their own integrated brackets that directly interact with the brackets mounted to the sled. We mostly used the handy Adventure Tunnel Bag ($209.99), which quickly slid into place before being secured by a strap on the attachment bracket. For further security, the attachment bracket has a specific location where a small lock can be inserted, preventing the bracket from being opened (and thus the bag being removed) without a key.

Kimpex also makes a rear storage rack and a fuel can with a related mounting kit that interact with the Connect system. The system works great. About the only downside we see is that, at this point, Kimpex is still building out the line of accessories that fit the system, but that will grow soon. UPDATE: In the time since this article appeared in the magazine, Kimpex added four additional storage compartments that utilize the system.


Kimpex Connect – $35.99 (brackets)
Drummondville, Quebec

THOUGHTFUL: Bracket systems that hold various accessories are so much more useful than just securing a single bag to your tunnel.

QUALITY: All Kimpex Connect parts and components appeared to be made of high-quality, well-finished materials.

ANTICIPATION: Now that we have the system, we can’t wait to see what other options Kimpex is going to give us for using this system.

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